NaviPlan® Now Offers a Plan for Everyone

The happiest clients are those with a plan. The latest updates to the NaviPlan® tool empower advisors to help every client—regardless of life stage or income—achieve their financial aspirations.

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Provide Valuable Advice for Every Client

Regardless of income, investors with a financial plan are twice as likely to say they are “living comfortably” and three times as likely to save 10% or more of their salary as those without a plan.* With enhanced reporting options you can quickly scale your suggestions to provide answers on an assortment of client questions:

  • What are my retirement goal options?

  • How much life insurance should I have?

  • Do I have enough disability insurance coverage?

  • *2012 Household Financial Planning Survey

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    Understand Prospective Client Goals

    Get prospective clients thinking about their goals before they walk in the door. Fact finders in the NaviPlan® financial planning tool are tailored to the data entry required for each planning level so that you can get the right amount of information for each client. New, guided fact finders correspond to the conversations you have with clients to help you get a better idea of what’s most important before you ever meet.

    Make Client Meetings More Effective

    Over the course of a year, many things can change for your clients. Rather than running an entirely new report, you can now make adjustments to demonstrate the impact of different strategies like saving more, spending less or retiring later.

    Save Time with Custom Report Text

    Save time by building a library of frequently used comments on client objectives, recommendations and action plans. Custom text can quickly be accessed from any plan across all clients.

    Save your most frequently used comments on:

  • Client Objectives

  • Goal Progress

  • Goal Recommendations

  • Client Action Plans

  • And More!

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    NaviPlan additonal updates

    Additional Updates to the NaviPlan® Tool

  • Enhanced reporting capabilities to plan for every client

  • Fact finders tailored to each planning level

  • Real-time goal progress to demonstrate the impact of plan adjustments

  • Customizable library of most frequently used custom text and comments to save time

  • Delivery Acknowledgement page for clients to quickly confirm they received their report

  • State income tax brackets and deductions update

  • Ibbotson quarterly update

  • Updated education costs in the Peterson Undergraduate Database

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