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Angela Pecoraro

As chief executive officer, Angela leads the global executive team steering them toward a common mission of delivering state-of-the-art technology to clients of all sizes worldwide. Her personal goal at Advicent is to perfect the customer experience and create extremely satisfied, life-long clients as well as develop a team of first-in-class leaders across the business.

3 tips for converting more prospects

Independent financial advisors are understandably spread thin, but the survival of their businesses depends on prospecting for new clients. Learn how adopting strategies to engage more effectively with prospects can expand client bases without disrupting other responsibilities.

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A letter from Advicent CEO Angela Pecoraro

I want to thank you for your business and partnership. We recognize that you have a choice in financial planning software providers and appreciate the trust you have put in Advicent to support the financial health and well-being of your clients.

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Reg BI is here. Is your tech ready?

As brokers consider what changes to existing operations, processes and workflows they will need to implement in order to comply with Reg BI, they should also look into the legacy technology systems on which their firms run.

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Winners of WealthTech: Angela Pecoraro

I recently spoke with Craig Iskowitz, founder and CEO of Ezra Group and author of the Winners of Tech blog, to take a deep dive into my experience within in the financial technology industry and lessons I have learned throughout my time as a contributor and leader of Advicent.

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