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John Heinen

Chief technology officer

As chief technology officer, John provides strategic, operational, and programmatic support of our products to the greater Advicent organization, our partners, and the industry. He leverages his decades of software development and product management experience to define business and product strategies, work directly with clients in providing technology solutions, and build product and service delivery organizations that deliver results while meeting regulatory requirements.

A letter regarding the recent U.S. tax legislation

Like most Americans, all of us at Advicent have been paying close attention to the possible outcomes of Congress' recently proposed tax code legislation. As indicated by the unrivaled calculation engine that powers our software, we pride ourselves on accuracy. Because of this, we chose to refrain from comment until any finalized legislation was ready to clear both houses.

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Product update | NaviPlan 18.0 release

Our latest enhancements include new tax calculations to satisfy the changes made by the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and an "explore your options" functionality now available in the NaviPlan client portal.

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Product update | NaviPlan 18.2 release

We’re thrilled to announce our latest round of enhancements that have been added to NaviPlan. In our latest release, we have introduced additional account types, improvements to client reports, state tax updates, and various other improvements.

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Product update | NaviPlan 19.0 release

We are excited to introduce our latest release of NaviPlan® which includes an entirely overhauled user interface, allowing advisors to leverage our industry-leading technology with greater ease of use than ever before.

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Product update | A new NaviPlan experience launches April 15

On April 15, we will be delivering the first of several remarkable updates to NaviPlan® that will be arriving this year. This new NaviPlan experience begins with an entirely overhauled user interface, which will allow users to leverage our industry-leading planning technology with greater ease of use than ever before.

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Product update | NaviPlan 19.1 release

Our latest update to NaviPlan introduces improvements to the Report Editor to allow for smoother compliance workflows, enhancements to the client portal, HSA contribution improvements, and state tax updates.

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Product update | NaviPlan 19.3 release

Our latest release of NaviPlan includes the new Guided Retirement assessment, the retirement healthcare data integration, new qualified distribution options, additional visual enhancements, and more.

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