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Matt Marcum

Director, marketing

As director of marketing, Matt oversees the breadth of go-to-market initiatives for Advicent, including product marketing, lead generation, and public relations. Drawing from a nearly decade-long background at Advicent, Matt works closely with the sales, product development, and executive teams to successfully align Advicent products with the evolving business needs of the financial services industry.

Are you targeting the right Millennials?

It might be time to consider making a distinction when talking about millennials. As New York Magazine points out, millennials seem to be splitting themselves into two categories: "Old Millennials" and "Young Millennials."

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Catering to high-earning Millennials

While it may not be the most exciting topic for most Americans, providing debt management and budgeting advice for your clients may provide and unlikely avenue into financially serving high earning Millennials.

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Common questions when implementing NaviPlan

Despite being an incredibly large and diverse industry, the financial services profession does encounter a number of common challenges. In today’s blog, I will look at three of the most commonly discussed roadblocks and how Advicent solves for them.

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DOL or not, there is a new fiduciary standard expectation

After the 2016 presidential election, results showed a win for the Trump/Pence ticket and control of both houses of Congress by Republicans. With these results, there seems to be a renewed optimism among some financial industry insiders that the DOL Conflict of Interest Rule could be repealed or significantly revised.

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It is time to re-evaluate your mission statement

Advisors need to start thinking about what they value about their own time and experience. How do your people drive your firm’s mission? What makes your expertise so much more valuable? How is your level of service so different from your competition?

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Making tax season simpler

It is that time of the year again. For CPAs and other advisors that do any sort of tax planning, March and April represent an extremely busy time of the year, packed with meetings and harping on clients to locate and share important financial documents.

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What is your firm's digital footprint?

How much thought have you given to your digital footprint and digital strategy? Most advisors and financial institutions agree that online brand identity is important, but the extent to which it plays a role when consumers decide with whom to work may surprise you.

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