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Alex Noonan

Technical writer

Joining Advicent as a partner support specialist in 2013, Alex provided high-quality support for partners within NaviPlan and Profiles. In 2015, he took that product knowledge to the learning development team as a technical writer, creating detailed documentation for partners with a practical focus on what they need to know. Alex received a BSBA from Drake University in Marketing/Advertising Creative in 2013.

Advising your clients on year-end tax planning

As the end of the year approaches, clients may be too distracted to fully assess their year-end tax planning needs. Or, as many advisors have experienced, they may be rushing in for help at the last minute. These situations are perfect opportunities for advisors to show their value and are exactly where NaviPlan® is built to help.

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Catering to high-net-worth estate planning needs

As ultra-high-net-worth clients get closer to their sunset years, concerns over minimizing potential estate taxes become a very real question. NaviPlan® financial planning software can help answer those concerns with its various estate strategy and modeling options.

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Getting to know NaviPlan client reports

​You client has been dazzled by your presentations and financial recommendations, and all they need now is a document that captures all the information in an easy-to-read, referable document. Using NaviPlan client reports, you can provide a scalable, customizable report that is as unique as their financial life.

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Give your high-net-worth clients better insurance advice

High-net-worth clients could potentially use insurance to retain asset values or to reduce estate taxation needs. These individuals may not be aware of such benefits, which can offer a unique opportunity for the inclusion of insurance policies in their financial plans

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Helping clients make crucial Social Security decisions

When advising on high-level topics like retirement saving, having a proper Social Security strategy in place can get overlooked. Ensuring clients make the correct move when it comes to Social Security may be the difference between retirement disaster or success.

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Leveraging Advicent learning material

The Learning Centers in our applications provide you with a diverse assortment of documentation that include basic step-by-step processes, detailed breakdowns of internal calculation processes, video guides, and more.

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Service every client with scalable financial technology

The rise of robo-advice and increased competition has made the ability to serve any client who walks through your door invaluable. With NaviPlan, the most flexible and accurate financial planning tool in the market, you can service any client by utilizing scalable features of varying complexity.

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