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Tom Burmeister

Vice president, financial planning

As vice president of financial planning, Tom is an integral contributor to the strategic vision around our financial planning initiatives. Additionally, he is critically involved in all partner interactions, thought leadership contributions, and internal training programs.

Account aggregation and DOL rule compliance

The hottest topic on this year’s financial advisor conference agenda has been the DOL’s fiduciary rule. One of the cornerstones of the DOL rule involves an examination of a client’s entire financial picture when delivering advice.

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Effects of the fiduciary rule on retirement planning

The Department of Labor (DOL) announced that it is planning to undertake a “long-term research study to develop a panel that will track U.S. households over several years in order to collect data and answer important research questions on how retirement planning strategies and decisions evolve over time.” In its request for comments published in the Federal Register, the DOL noted, “Relatively little is known about how people make planning and financial decisions before and during retirement.”

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How financial advisors can harness their value proposition

Value propositions are more important than ever for financial advisors. Show your clients and prospects what you can do beyond their perceived “norm” for financial advisors. Play the challenger: ask a client if they’ve received professional guidance in an area they probably haven’t considered asking you about.

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How to help HNW clients score a financial planning touchdown

Playing in the NFL is highly lucrative, but careers can be altered—or ended—in an instant by injuries, trades, or other sudden developments. Similarly, high-net-worth individuals and families can also experience surprises which have a serious impact on their financial well-being.

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The finances of parenting

We are excited to sponsor this episode of the Animal Spirits podcast in which Michael Batnick and Ben Carlson discuss the finances of parenting.

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The importance of a process-driven practice

Firms of all sizes across the globe often struggle with inefficient processes, which can cause many other problems like decreased customer retention, lower prospect-to-client conversion rates, employee frustration, and more.

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Webinar | Embrace the Third Wave of financial planning

In this recent webinar with Wealth Professional, learn how firm strategies, advisor workflows, and client expectations have evolved over the past 10 years and how the next wave of the financial planning practice will ultimately return greater autonomy to advisors and clients alike.

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