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Kyle Johnson

Revenue operations lead

Kyle provides revenue and sales analysis for all Advicent go-to-market teams. These analytics optimize Advicent pipeline forecasting, marketing strategies, and leveraged media channels to improve efficiency of sales operations. Kyle is interested in combining his three passions: tech, data analytics, and marketing, to drive success.

Consumer demands and the DOL fiduciary rule

Consumer demands force businesses to perform in a specific manner to acquire their business. Regardless of the DOL fiduciary rule going into effect, clients now expect their advisors to provide them with advice that is compliant with the fiduciary standard.

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Grow your revenue with process and software

When looking at a bank or wealth management firm’s corporate structure, financial advising is classified as a sales function under the corporate organization chart. Managers of financial advisors are accountable for generating revenue in the most efficient way possible.

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How to track your marketing efforts

There are many ways to keep an eye on your marketing efforts. Some of the most common means of tracking those efforts are wrapped in a high-level attribution system that consists of a Google Analytics code, goals, and UTM parameters.

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Insurance trends to look for in 2019

Competitors are now entering the insurance market by looking back at some of the old trends and using them to innovate. Let's take a look back at the beginning insurance industry and the trends to expect in 2019.

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Is there "advice" in robo-advice?

As the dust has settled on the role of robo-advice, the use of the term “advice” is often a misnomer. In its current iteration, robo-advice is doing anything but providing advice.

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Tech trends: Bitcoin, Blockchain, banks, and financial advisors

Advisors and banks have all heard a lot about Bitcoin. To the untrained eye, Bitcoin is a currency that represents an investment vehicle. But what if I told you that Bitcoin’s biggest impact will be to change all financial transactions from simply buying stocks to financial derivative trades?

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Tech trends: open source software

Open source software is one of the latest phenomena in software development. Open source software, the opposite of proprietary software, is exposed to the public for the world to see.

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[Video] Creating a business plan for 2017

Fourth quarter is an important time to create your business plan for the year to come. Many of you keep track of your business plan in your head, but creating a written business plan is important because it creates actionable goals.

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What advisors need to know about bitcoin

Bitcoin has made waves in the news recently due to the extremely high price it is fetching and the wild price swings it is going through. It is likely that your clients are wondering how bitcoin functions and what exactly drives its price.

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