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Anthony Stich has one goal: to develop a team of exceptional customer success leaders across the globe, empowering them with the latest methods of strategic planning, content development, and lead generation to successfully grow Advicent, the leading provider of SaaS technology solutions for the financial services industry, into a global brand. Published in numerous global outlets including the Journal of Financial Planning,, Investopedia, and bobsguide as well as being featured on Financial Advisor IQ, Asset TV, and Bank Bosun, Stich has swiftly become a thought leader in the FinTech space, providing compelling statistics, a thought-provoking perspective, and much-needed humor in a rapidly-changing industry.

Refrigerators communicating with financial plans and more

Predictions in the technology industry are generally futile. Technology is unpredictable, and in the fintech industry, even more so. We experienced a great deal of change in 2016, and should expect further excitement in 2017. But before we get into my predictions, I would like to preface this commentary by pointing out two things: Brexit and president-elect Trump.

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The Conflict of Interest Rule: a lesson from the UK and Aviva

Many people argue that the new Conflict of Interest Rule by the Department of Labor was inspired by the Retail Distribution Review (in the United Kingdom) which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). In fact, Advicent has written about this in the past and do feel that the similarity between the two regulations are uncanny.

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