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Moriah Diedrich is a demand generation specialist at Advicent, the financial planning technology provider of choice for nearly 100,000 financial professionals.

3 key figures for advisors in 2019

2019 looks to be a year filled with changing opportunities for financial advisors. As you develop your firm’s strategy for the next 12 months, here are three important statistics to take into consideration.

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Advising HNW clients on charitable giving

For the general population, charitable giving typically means donating time or small contributions and requires little planning, but for high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs), larger charitable donations can require the expertise of a financial advisor.

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Combating elder bankruptcy

In the past three decades, the number of elderly people in the U.S. filing for bankruptcy has risen at an alarming rate. While it might be the best course of action for some of these seniors, financial advisors can step in to help future generations plan for a successful retirement.

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Conquering the fear of financial planning

Though most people recognize the importance of financial planning to achieve goals and prepare for retirement, statistics still show that many Americans are afraid of discussing the taboo topic of money. Learn how advisors can demystify these client fears.

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Creating financial luck with preparation

Financial planning can seem an overwhelming task, causing people to put off getting a financial advisor and hoping they will somehow save the right amount for retirement. How can advisors help clients overcome their financial anxiety and create a plan that will set them up for a successful retirement?

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Helping clients make crucial Social Security decisions

When advising on high-level topics like retirement saving, having a proper Social Security strategy in place can get overlooked. Ensuring clients make the correct move when it comes to Social Security may be the difference between retirement disaster or success.

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How high-net-worth individuals choose an advisor

Differentiation is one of many pieces in the puzzle of developing a successful practice in the financial services industry. However, the reality is that most financial institutions behave the exact same way so it is difficult to attract highly sought-after clients.

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Improving the 'process' in process-driven selling

Selling in service-based industries is often a monumental task compared to selling in product-based industries. Especially in the financial services industry, it can be difficult to create an efficient, repeatable process that demonstrates value to clients.

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Navigating the 2021 tax season

What CPAs and other advisors can do to ease the tax planning process for their clients, and their firms, and create opportunities for growth in the area of financial planning.

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Preparing clients for the great wealth transfer

Within the next 30 to 40 years, an expected $30 trillion in assets will be passed down from Baby Boomers to their heirs in what is being called the “great wealth transfer”. What can financial advisors do to ensure they can secure the inheritors’ business and help them retain that wealth moving forward?

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Top wealth management trends for 2019

As firms revamp business models and technology stacks, success will largely depend on making quick adjustments for emerging market trends and, most importantly, meeting customer demands. Here are four wealth management trends that will have important implications in 2019.

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