Estate planning

NaviPlan offers a variety of estate planning solutions to empower advisors to craft powerful estate strategies to ensure client wealth properly transfers to future generations and taxes are minimized.

Unique estate assumptions

NaviPlan offers a unique set of assumptions that focus specifically on estate needs. Additionally, advisors can generate an estate questionnaire for clients right within the assumption page.

Deliver engaging estate advice

Naviplan helps create and deliver a comprehensive estate plan that covers everything from life insurance to college funding. Once applied, advisors can deliver modern, easy-to-understand estate reports that are tailored to the needs of their clients. Using the Client Report Editor, these reports can be customized to match the look and feel of your firm.

Powerful estate scenarios

NaviPlan includes a variety of powerful estate planning strategies including funded trusts, estate expenses, gifting, will inclusion, bequests, and more. As strategies are implemented, the estate coverage chart is updated in real-time, allowing advisors and clients to see how to adapt to life changes and reach their estate goals.

Latest update | NaviPlan 21.0

Our latest version of NaviPlan delivers annual updates to tax and Morningstar values.

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