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Built on the most precise calculation engine in the financial planning market, NaviPlan® empowers large financial institutions to cater their services to any client, from simple goal-based assessments to advanced cash flow planning analysis.

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A unified process for every advisor

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Self-directed planning

Deliver digital planning experiences that lead to action-oriented results. Leverage industry-leading NaviPlan APIs to build fully customized self-directed planning experiences for clients and prospective clients alike.

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Back office integrations & compliance

The NaviPlan Presentation Module allows enterprise organizations to customize and create planning experiences that empower advisors while ensuring home office compliance.

NaviPlan APIs

NaviPlan APIs

NaviPlan APIs enable firms to deliver custom applications that acquire and educate clients, deepen relationships, and improve efficiency. This is made possible by providing a fully customizable, integrated, and differentiated experience. Applications created with our APIs give clients access to information and tools, such as financial plans, personal financial management, account aggregation, secure document sharing, collaboration tools, and more.

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Custom client experiences

The interactive NaviPlan client portal gives clients unhindered access to their financial plans and expedites the onboarding process through its eFact Finder. Deliver a seamless digital experience while maximizing value in face-to-face meetings.

Data security and compliance

Your client data is your most important asset — accept nothing less than the best protection for it.

NaviPlan is compliant with the internationally recognized standard of excellence for information security, the ISO/IEC 27001 Code of Practice for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), which independently verifies that NaviPlan has successfully implemented an ISMS that protects the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data.

Elite training and support

Leverage interactive hands-on training and ongoing support to fully integrate our planning application into your business.

You are focused on your clients and your financial plans, not the latest technology. That is where our support staff comes in. We will get you trained to use our financial planning software in the way that best fits your business, but support does not stop with training. We will be there to answer questions and teach you best practices for continued success. Here at NaviPlan, we are committed to your success from implementation and beyond.

We offer custom product configuration based on your practice and professional guidance through videos, reference guides, and functional documents to further engage with the newest product features.

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Partner Experience Program

Our team wins when your team wins

Our Partner Experience Program is committed to the ongoing success of every NaviPlan partner. We understand that our software is only as valuable as the return on investment that it provides. Our team of partner experience managers are here to ensure that your organization is getting the most out of your NaviPlan software.

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Streamline workflows and increase productivity through our integrations and partnerships with other industry leaders.

Integrations with leading technology providers transfer your client data securely, in real time - saving you time and reducing the margin for error. Our integration with MX allows clients to import their accounts and loans from thousands of institutions. Additionally, our strategic partnerships with associations like the FPA and Garrett Planning Network provide discounts to group members.

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