4 reasons APIs help establish your brand

April 12, 2016 by Adeline Gerritts

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If you are an independent financial planner, part of a team of financial planners, or even an enterprise organization, then listen up: the upcoming release of a web-based application programming interface (API) for NaviPlan® from Advicent will help companies and advisors to create a better financial planning experience for their clients, through technology customized for their specific company. So why is this solution right for you?

4 reasons using APIs will help establish your brand

1. Your brand needs to come first.

You want to make sure your brand comes first with any new technology solution you bring into your business. How else will you stand out from the competition? Whether prospects and clients are looking at your website, your social media profiles, or any FinTech tool that allows for client interaction, it is important that these present a cohesive brand to your client. The addition of an API to the tools that advisors are already using will enable them to leverage their plan data in entirely new ways. A financial planning API will allow any advisor to craft the unique client experience that sets them apart (and keeps their clients more engaged), while delivering a consistent brand message.

2. You already have a website, but you need it to do more for your clients.

Prospects and clients want to see the value of your personal touch, and having an interactive, helpful website can really ease the constant need for communication. Clients often want to double check their plans on a phone, tablet, computer, their friend’s tablet, or whatever device is most convenient in the moment. How could they check that plan through your website? With NaviPlan APIs, of course. With the coming release of this new product, advisors will have the ability to make information from a client’s financial plan available to them in real-time. With a secure login and authentication feature, your clients will finally have the ability to see their own plan right from a client portal whenever they want, providing a more active and engaging client experience.

3. APIs ease the heavy lifting of creating a unique, branded solution.

Why would you ever want to build your own financial planning mechanism for your clients when you can easily utilize an API to do the heavy lifting for you? This API will allow you to choose which data from the financial plans you would like to show, and let your clients see it in real time. Maybe you only want to show the performance of Business Entities they own, or only their annual projections. The API allows you to show as much or as little data from the financial plan as you choose, and the client can securely look online for their data on your website. This means a more ‘constant contact’ feel for clients, and helps them actually stick to their plans better too. This sense of personal touch and convenience can really set you apart from competitors.

4. Clients want to be able to connect with you in real time.

In today’s digital world, clients want to be able to interact with their financial plan (or their advisor) when it is convenient for them – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. In addition, these communication expectations are always changing. Utilizing this API gives clients constant access to their financial plan and the instant gratification they expect from technology today.

Answer the demands of your clients

Ultimately, setting yourself apart and establishing your own brand is key to your success. If your clients can come to your website and see their goals and financial plan, they confirm your role in their success. Sticking to a financial plan can be much easier now with FinTech solutions making it simpler for clients to constantly check their progress toward their goals. With Millennials demanding almost everything and anything to be online and easily accessible, why not let the NaviPlan API help you deliver?

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