4 ways that NaviPlan can benefit enterprise firms

December 18, 2017 by Alex Peter

Financial professionals work to leverage NaviPlan to benefit their firm.

About the author

Alex Peter

Product marketing strategist

Alex began his career at Advicent as a mid-market business development representative. He now divides his time between assisting his team and working with enterprise clients. Alex is passionate about FinTech and creating success for his team.

In the years I have been working at Advicent, I have noticed some common themes among our enterprise customers. These are the customers who work in larger institutions, who use NaviPlan® to its full extent. They are some of the top global banks, wirehouses, financial planning firms, and insurance firms. Here are a few ways that these firms leverage NaviPlan to achieve their goals.


Integrations are critical for any business that uses a data repository to store customer data. Advicent understands the need to easily push or pull data from wherever that data lives – whether it be a CRM, a database, or a custom legacy software specifically designed for the unique needs of that firm.

We can use our integration services to pull that data directly into NaviPlan ensuring streamlined processes for your field teams.


At Advicent, we understand the necessity of being able to cater to any individual who seeks service from your firm. From someone just starting their career to your ultra-high-net-worth prospects and clients, NaviPlan offers the scalability to ensure your field team can deliver the right advice and solutions.

By leveraging the right modules within NaviPlan, your field agents can ensure they are efficiently presenting the right solutions to match their clients’ needs.

Compliance workflow

The DOL Fiduciary Rule in the US, CRM2 in Canada, and RDR in the UK are all compliance hurdles that global organizations have faced in recent years. Advicent has been able to successfully meet all of these different compliance needs.

Advicent technology is able to accomplish these goals with our compliance workflow that can be configured to match your firm’s compliance requirements. Whether an investment vehicle, insurance product, or the sale of a plan itself, NaviPlan allows your field representatives to sell in a way that matches your compliance requirements.

Presentation Module

Presentation Module is one of the most popular features within NaviPlan, and it is truly where the aforementioned functionality comes together for your field team. Presentation Module is an interactive experience for advisors and clients to work together. This pulls data input fields directly from NaviPlan and puts them in an easy to digest format for the advisor to walk through with a client.

Since the data fields are pulled from NaviPlan, any integration that exists will pre-fill the fields your field agent reviews with a client. This same functionality works with data that might have been entered in from a previous client meeting. Since these presentations can be built out by the home office, they can easily meet your team’s compliance requirements, while allowing your firm to tell a story about how your offerings will benefit the client.

By leveraging these functionalities in NaviPlan, your firm will be able to reach new levels of success.

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