6 ways we foster a culture of innovation at Advicent

July 07, 2017 by Angela Pecoraro

Advicent chief executive officer Angela Pecoraro

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Angela Pecoraro

Chief executive officer

As chief executive officer, Angela leads the global executive team steering them toward a common mission of delivering state-of-the-art technology to clients of all sizes worldwide. Her personal goal at Advicent is to perfect the customer experience and create extremely satisfied, life-long clients as well as develop a team of first-in-class leaders across the business.

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to discuss the culture of innovation that we have developed at Advicent over the past several years.

As our industry continues to witness a massive generational wealth transfer, innovation and paradigm disruption are essential to the future success of both our organization and the partners we serve. Businesses must always remain committed to meeting the shifting demands of the market.

Innovation truly begins with workplace culture. Fostering an environment of honesty, trust, and collaboration, encourages individuals to share, and refine, ideas that could significantly impact the business and customers alike.

At Advicent, we pride ourselves on the culture that we have created. Though there are many key elements to maintaining this culture, here are six ways that we have done so.

Creating a culture of innovation

Encourage and promote a truly diverse work culture.

While finance and tech are traditionally male dominated, there has been a shift where more women are going to the technical side of operations, which is exciting. Additionally, hire outside the box. Consider different types of people for roles. Passion over experience can be a world of difference.

Value opinions at all levels and of all backgrounds within the company.

Do not put too much attention on titles or roles. A culture that promotes open opinions and dialogue will propel a company forward in its innovations.

Think about the end consumer.

Stay ahead of every trend or obstacle. Companies that stay on the cutting edge and one step ahead will be successful in their innovations.

Foster an innovative work environment.

Consider your work space and evaluate how you can encourage collaboration and innovation through different layouts. Further, make sure you establish a fun culture, which encourages interaction among various levels of employees — breaking down communication barriers.

Understand your employee base.

Actively survey and get feedback from your employees on how they feel about the company, its products, and its initiatives. If you have passionate employees that believe in the direction of the company, you can expect an innovative motivation.

Carve out time.

Hit the reset button on the work day. Establish "innovation days" or "innovation areas" where people from all departments are encouraged to step away from their daily duties to collaborate with different individuals. Fantastic ideas happen when brainstorming occurs.


-- via Steve Jagler, business editor of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.