Advise your clients from the comfort of your living room

March 03, 2017 by Rachel Gutbrod

A female advisor sitting at her coffee table, advising clients from her home through FinTech

About the author

Rachel Gutbrod

Solutions consultant

Rachel has a background in Advicent’s Training and Business Analysis teams. She has completed all of the coursework towards her CFP and plans to do the same for the ChFC. She genuinely enjoys planning and solving complex problems with financial technology, especially NaviPlan.

It is no secret that FinTech has fundamentally re-shaped not only how advisors interact with clients but also client expectations of the services offered. I have sat with and talked to thousands of financial advisors about their businesses and for what they are looking from a financial planning tool. Two common themes pervade throughout all of these conversations — ease of use and client engagement.

We live in an age where customers complete a large percentage of their shopping and research online without ever leaving their homes — myself included. The only reason I really go to the store any more is to get fresh produce. Otherwise, I even do the majority of my grocery shopping online. This has extended to more service-based industries as well; I recently even saw an ad for online therapy sessions.

Leveraging technology to engage clients from anywhere

There is no reason financial planning has to be any different. How difficult is it to get a client to meet over coffee, much less to come to your office? What if you offered them the ability to meet on their computer or tablet, while never having to leave the house? Here is the real secret: With NaviPlan® Presentation Module, you will not have to leave the house either. I heard this creative idea from a partner of ours who has been using NaviPlan for years.


He takes all his client meetings online and uses Presentation Module to take his clients on a guided, interactive tour through their financial plan. Since Presentation Module is essentially an editable slideshow that allows advisors to present a plan as a story, any updates or additions to the plan can be made on the fly. What-ifs are also easy to simulate and understand while sharing screens with a client.

Because of this, the advisor is able to not only engage his clients in the planning process but actually keep their meetings with him. Presentation Module comes pre-loaded with several targeted slide shows, including retirement, education, insurance, and major purchases, just to name a few. There is no need to spend hours searching through a heavy document anymore. You can easily take your client through a quick, collaborative journey that puts each of their goals into perspective and opens a true dialog — all from the comfort of your own home.


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