Connecting with clients and prospects using Presentation Module in NaviPlan

February 02, 2018 by Matt Marcum

An advisor uses Presentation Module to help her clients plan for their future.

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Matt Marcum

Director, marketing

As director of marketing, Matt oversees the breadth of go-to-market initiatives for Advicent, including product marketing, lead generation, and public relations. Drawing from a nearly decade-long background at Advicent, Matt works closely with the sales, product development, and executive teams to successfully align Advicent products with the evolving business needs of the financial services industry.

With recent updates to  NaviPlan ®  and its  client portal , Advicent has added new features that have widened the planning gap from its competitors. From expanded Private Corporation functionality in Canada to additional asset allocation reporting functions in the United States, our user experience is rapidly improving.

A main functionality that advisors will benefit from is the revamped Presentation Module. Presentation Module was initially designed to help advisors have a more collaborative planning and presentation experience with their clients. Instead of limiting an advisor to a paper report, it allows an advisor to use NaviPlan in a more interactive fashion by showing prospects and clients different presentations in order to address various goals.

Understanding Presentation Module

While this update is incredibly useful for existing NaviPlan users, Presentation Module is also a tool to help new advisors understand how NaviPlan works. In this scenario, the two types of advisors are trial users looking to purchase NaviPlan and new advisors at a firm that already uses NaviPlan. 

Presentation Module is helpful for a new NaviPlan user because of its visual nature and linear approach to inputs. While NaviPlan is known for being the most robust planning tool on the market, it often helps to start with a simplistic approach to understand the base level inputs that go into a specific goal. By utilizing Presentation Module, an advisor can select from a number of predefined presentations that center on different goals and milestones such as retirement or life insurance, and then follow a streamlined set of inputs that all contribute to that goals calculation.

Telling your clients’ story

Additionally, each presentation also works as a story. Not only is data entry logical and efficient, but the presentation itself also helps foster open communication between the client and the advisor. By understanding each input, seeing the results as the data is entered, and having the ability to expand this across multiple goals, the advisor gains a quicker understanding of how to use NaviPlan and how to understand the assumptions that affect each goal and each plan.

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