Consultative relationships and shifting industry trends

August 23, 2017 by Angela Pecoraro

Advicent chief executive officer Angela Pecoraro

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Angela Pecoraro

Chief executive officer

As chief executive officer, Angela leads the global executive team steering them toward a common mission of delivering state-of-the-art technology to clients of all sizes worldwide. Her personal goal at Advicent is to perfect the customer experience and create extremely satisfied, life-long clients as well as develop a team of first-in-class leaders across the business.

In an increasingly competitive industry, creating a unique value to the market can set you apart from competitors. However, innovation within large financial institutions can often be easier said than done. For many of these monolithic organizations, out-of-date legacy systems and complex back-office workflows can make upgrading technology a daunting task.

At Advicent, we pride ourselves in our track record of excellence in partnering with enterprise firms. It is through our unparalleled experience working with these firms that empowers us to continue to impact millions of people across the world.

In a recent sit-down with Financial Planning, I discussed both the challenges facing large firms and the avenues available to ensure their long-term competitive fitness. Our conversation covered the specific challenges that firms have asked us to solve, the challenges of legacy technology systems, and much more.

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