Developing a process that works for you and your clients

April 30, 2018 by Robert Gunther

About the author

Robert Gunther

Account executive

Robert Gunther is an account executive at Advicent, the financial planning technology provider of choice for nearly 100,000 financial professionals.

There are many tools that help firms develop their financial planning, hiring, and client onboarding processes, but not every firm is using them as effectively as possible. One way financial services firms can use technology is by implementing process-driven selling, which allows the advisor to structure the advice they are providing around a module or plan in a streamlined, repeatable way.

NaviPlan® has had huge success in this industry by creating the ability to streamline this process, help firms increase AUM, and enhance client relationships.

How NaviPlan helps firms develop efficient processes

How does NaviPlan help streamline business processes? One way firms leverage the platform is through the NaviPlan Presentation Module thanks to its ease of use and easy-to-understand, interactive outputs.

Simplifying the process and making it more interactive with clients allows advisors to explain their recommendations clearly. Advicent prides itself on the scalability of NaviPlan; and while it is a very robust platform, Presentation Module enables firms to get clients started and provide value quickly.

Because they have perfected the data entry and simple plan development process, Presentation Module then allows advisors to focus on selling products in the best interest of their clients.

What does this mean for your clients?

Imagine a client walking into an advisor's office for the first time. They are not confident that they need financial planning, but they want help managing their money. Would you not agree that they would be more likely to trust an advisor with not only an efficient planning process but also helped the client truly understand their recommendations?

Now imagine a similar scenario where a client walks in and the advisor has a streamlined process but the client cannot comprehend what the advisor is showing them because it is not in a display meant for the client. Clients come to advisors with varying degrees of financial knowledge, but they would not be seeking advice if they did not need some form of educating. This makes a streamlined, interactive process that much more important.

Clients and advisors come from all walks of life, but educating the client while simplifying the planning process for the advisor — regardless of the products/services the advisor is selling — provides the best experience for both parties.

To learn more about how NaviPlan and its Presentation Module can enhance your processes, click here.