Digital attrition: Are you prepared to lose 56 percent of your net income?

June 06, 2016 by Anthony Stich

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Anthony Stich

Chief operating officer

Anthony Stich has one goal: to develop a team of exceptional customer success leaders across the globe, empowering them with the latest methods of strategic planning, content development, and lead generation to successfully grow NaviPlan, the leading provider of SaaS technology solutions for the financial services industry, into a global brand. Published in numerous global outlets including the Journal of Financial Planning,, Investopedia, and bobsguide as well as being featured on Financial Advisor IQ, Asset TV, and Bank Bosun, Stich has swiftly become a thought leader in the FinTech space, providing compelling statistics, a thought-provoking perspective, and much-needed humor in a rapidly-changing industry.

Digital attrition is not a new term, however it is something relatively new to the financial planning industry. Why is digital attrition something which should concern you? This is why: 66 percent of high-net-worth individuals, globally, would leave their wealth manager due to a lack of integration between digital and traditional channels.

Couple that with this: “…in the most extreme scenario of digital attrition, firms and wealth managers would lose an estimated 56 percent  of their net income.”

Advicent believes that these percentages will only increase over time as Generation Xers and Millennials continue to accrue wealth and begin to realize the importance of retirement planning. This begs a few questions: Are you prepared to meet the expectations of a growing number of consumers? How does your technology stack look if you even have one?

What if I told you that providing a digitally-responsive, integrated experience to your consumers for an extremely reasonable cost (that is easy to set up) is available to your firm? What if I told you that Advicent offers a client portal experience and an advisor dashboard experience that works with both Figlo, a powerful goal-based financial planning tool, and with NaviPlan, the industry-leading cash flow management tool?

It’s true. Advicent now offers a new digital experience for both you and your clients, putting financial planning at the core. Our new offerings, Narrator Clients and Narrator Advisor, shatter all industry expectations of user experience, ease of use (for both client and advisor), integration (powered by Quovo), and price.

Don’t be a statistic to digital attrition. Get ahead of the curve; Advicent is giving you the chance.