Encouraging interaction and engagement in the client onboarding experience

October 11, 2018 by Tyler Martyniak

Encouraging interaction and engagement in the client onboarding experience by Advicent

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Tyler Martyniak

Account executive

Tyler Martyniak is an account executive at Advicent, the financial planning technology provider of choice for nearly 100,000 financial professionals.

During your first interactions with a new client, it is important to be both engaging and flexible. To set up a strong, long-term client-advisor relationship, you want to be sure a client fully understands their financial situation and the advice you give. Additionally, clients may bring up a variety of different questions and scenarios that they would like guidance on.

Being able to jump between different areas of the financial plan allows you quickly respond to a client question and show them an engaging visual. Unfortunately, many planning tools don’t have this type of flexibility, resulting in a locked experience.

NaviPlan is the opposite, giving you the freedom to operate within the tool as you wish, with little to no restrictions. Plus, using the Presentation Module is a great way to get clients involved in the planning process and streamline the onboarding experience.

Encouraging interaction

Presentation Module is a very useful and interactive feature of NaviPlan to onboard new clients. I have heard from countless advisors that they absolutely love this feature and the interaction it encourages with their clients. It is a great piece to walk through with your clients in the first meeting to establish trust and get them bought into moving forward with a full financial plan.

You are able to project this presentation on a TV screen in your office and discuss some basic fact finding questions. This makes the client feel more involved by seeing the inputs take place. Also, this erases the possibility of incorrect information and having to mail or email information back and forth.

Encouraging engagement

While this fact finding and data entry takes place, advisors also say that clients feel much more engaged to ask questions. The tool becomes a conversation starter that leads to meaningful discussions about different goals and scenarios.

When you are finished with the basic data entry, you have a chance to assess their current situation in regards to their goal coverage and can suggest options to help move them closer to achieving full coverage. This process does an excellent job of expediting the journey to a full financial plan.

NaviPlan has many other great modules and techniques that are unique from other tools in the market. Presentation Module is just one of these elements that advisors see a huge impact from. To learn more about NaviPlan’s other features, click here.

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