Holding more valuable client meetings with Narrator Clients powered by NaviPlan

April 03, 2017 by Haley Haas

Introducing Narrator Clients powered by NaviPlan Spring update

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Haley is part of the research and development business analysis team at Advicent where she works with a cross-functional team to identify and translate business needs to functional and relevant software.

We live in a day and age where “time is of the essence” and “time is money.” The time advisors and clients spend collaborating face-to-face is of the utmost importance to Advicent as we seek to make that time together as valuable as possible. Often, the limited time in client-advisor meetings is too focused on data collection, pushing the plan proposition to a second meeting.


Whether the client hopes to finance their children's education or retire on a houseboat, they depend on advisors to analyze their financial situation and develop a strategy for reaching their goals, a process that is largely driven by data. Unfortunately, this is also the biggest pain point for many advisors. In fact, InvestmentNews has previously cited that 40 percent of the cost of producing a financial plan is manual data entry.


Leveraging Narrator® Clients powered by NaviPlan for better client meetings


With Narrator Clients powered by NaviPlan and its new fact finding capabilities, the advisors' and clients' time is moved from data gathering and instead refocused to building the relationship necessary to have honest goal-based and cash flow planning discussions about the client’s future.


The Financial Profile fact finder within Narrator Clients exhibits the time-saving efficiency expected of technology by requesting basic financial and goal-related information from the client through an intuitive step-by-step process. Once the client finishes their Financial Profile, they submit their information to the advisor to preview and accept into NaviPlan, creating a seamless flow of data directly from the client's brain to their financial plan. The advisor is then free to begin a goals funding analysis, retirement planning, and financial plan preparations all before the first client meeting occurs.


By going into the client meeting with baseline knowledge of their clients' current household composition, net worth, current cash flow, insurance coverage, and goals, advisors are able to facilitate more meaningful discussions. Advisors can further clarify and uncover deeper meaning into the data gathered, rather than spending time collecting the data itself. Financial Profile fact finder will reduce the number of client meetings and minimize advisor data entry, all while increasing efficiency of the entire financial planning process.


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