How technology streamlines your financial planning onboarding process

April 09, 2018 by Jacob Erickson

A financial advisor delivering a streamlined onboarding process to his client.

About the author

Jacob Erickson

Account executive

Jacob Erickson is an account executive at Advicent, the financial planning technology provider of choice for nearly 100,000 financial professionals.

As a financial advisor, you want to make sure that you can deliver top-notch retirement advice in addition to an excellent client experience from onboarding and beyond. Utilizing financial planning software can help bridge the gap between you and your client as well as deliver a unique client experience throughout onboarding the process.

The first meeting is very important to establish trust and credibility with your client moving forward; therefore, it is imperative that advisors are very efficient with that time in order to address any initial client needs and questions.

Utilizing Advicent financial planning software, specifically NaviPlan® and its client portal, allows you to begin the onboarding process before you even meet with your clients and prospects.

Leveraging technology during financial planning onboarding to save time and provide value

Within our NaviPlan client portal is a Financial Profile fact finder that provides a great starting point for your first meeting. You can send this fact finder to your clients to fill out beforehand to ensure you can utilize every minute of the first meeting efficiently.

When your client completes the Financial Profile fact finder, all of the initial information is entered automatically into their financial plan, and you can dive right into their goals and aspirations — saving a lot of time on initial data entry.

Utilizing the financial planning technology available allows you to automate onboarding processes; provide customized, best-interest financial advice; and deliver the digital experience your clients expect. This will not only allow you to make a positive first impression in those initial meetings but also deliver the highest possible value to clients throughout the entire relationship.

To learn more about how NaviPlan and its client portal can help you enhance your client relationships, click here.