How to scale your best interest advice

August 03, 2018 by Tuesday Willingale

How to scale your best interest advice by Advicent

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Tuesday Willingale

Account executive

Tuesday Willingale is an account executive at Advicent, the financial planning technology provider of choice for nearly 100,000 financial professionals.

Financial advisors work with clients from many different backgrounds, income levels, and life aspirations. Additionally, as fiduciaries, many advisors need to provide advice in the best interest of their clients, as well as any potential new clients that walk in their door. Utilizing an effective software solution can help cater to the needs of your entire book of business, no matter what situation the clients are in.

NaviPlan® is already well known for its robust calculation engine, cash flow planning, and its ability to work seamlessly with the high-net-worth demographic. However, NaviPlan is also extremely flexible, allowing you to utilize the tool in many different ways depending on the goals of your clients.

Scaling with NaviPlan 

For instance, NaviPlan can be used to keep things simple and high-level in an initial meeting to build rapport and trust with your client. As the relationship progresses, the client's needs may begin to change as they start to accumulate more assets, experience a life-changing event, or simply want to adjust their goals.

This is where NaviPlan really shines. NaviPlan allows you to scale a client’s plan from that initial high-level assessment into a full, comprehensive plan. Then, as the client's needs become more complex, you can add in features such as Monte Carlo analysis, detailed tax analysis, estate planning, and more. This wide-range of capability makes NaviPlan the best tool for providing scalable advice in the best interest of your clients.

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