How your business benefits from Advicent support

June 14, 2017 by Adam Ballent

A software engineer talks with a customer on improving a product.

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Adam Ballent

Associate business analyst

As an Associate Business Analyst, Adam leverages his customer support experience to ensure that Advicent’s technology truly meets the needs and wants of advisors everywhere. A graduate of Marquette University, he currently resides in Milwaukee.

As an advisor, you may often find yourself working with incredibly technically-proficient clients. Advisors work with clients that hold jobs as engineers, scientists, and even other financial advisors. As you can imagine, these clients take great pride in their attention to detail, and will be looking to expect the same attention from you, the planner.

When you are using NaviPlan® in your business, you have access to both our industry-leading cash flow engine as well as our sleek and well-designed reporting tools. However, it is not uncommon to get questions from a client on how exactly a specific number is produced. These numbers can sometimes be difficult to reconcile due to the interrelated nature of the calculation engine.

Perhaps it was a change to the Social Security age, the results from the first year of retirement do not match what you expected, or you are not seeing surpluses or deficits show up in the expected places in the reports. Whatever the reason, you are seeing results you cannot reconcile.

The value of a Software-as-a-Service company

When working with a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company, you are not only getting the tool itself, but also the full backing of the support department behind it. With a call, email, or an online web conferencing session, you can immediately work with a support representative to understand the underlying assumptions to any calculations you may be looking at, and, if needed, help reconcile the numbers themselves.

Should the question or issue require more attention, there is a well-established chain of command in the company with a proven record of accomplishment of deftly handling escalated issues.

In a dynamic and constantly-changing financial world, it may be intimidating to stay ahead of the technology curve, especially with an increasing number of technology-proficient Millennials joining the work force every day. This is one reason why Advicent believes that our SaaS model is the best possible way to help advisors achieve their potential without feeling left behind.

With SaaS, you are able to utilize a tool that is consistently updated and improved, and you gain access to an industry-leading support team ready to assist with any functionality questions and reconciliation requests, providing a true differentiator in value. This frees you up to continue to foster budding relationships with your clients without having to spend long nights crunching numbers in a spreadsheet to personally verify the accuracy of the numbers you are presenting.

Simply put: this is why we view our advisors as partners. We are here to work with you to help produce the sharpest and clearest financial plans in the business. We are proud of the tools we produce here at Advicent and are not afraid to back them up.

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