Narrator Clients: Capture a quick financial summary

May 17, 2016 by Katelyn Rattray

Narrator Clients from Advicent

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It is not news that digital technology has caused people to expect instant gratification to their needs and wants. This is also becoming increasingly true in the financial services industry. Your clients are demanding 24/7 access to their financial plan and you as their advisor. Clients do not only want constant access to monitoring goals, updating budgets, and contacting their advisor; they want it all in one convenient spot that they can access from any device they choose.

With this new digital age, people have developed habits to check certain sites on a daily or weekly basis. Clients do not always have time to dive deep into their plan, but may want to get a quick update on their long-term goals while also monitoring their daily cash flow. As of now, advisors have not been able to provide this type of convenience and information package. Clients have had to monitor their daily cash flows separate from their holistic financial plan, creating a gap in their understanding of how their small daily purchases affect their long-term financial success.

Providing convenient financial summaries with Narrator® Clients from Advicent

Narrator Clients, the interactive client portal from Advicent, gives clients this convenient financial information package they have been demanding. Clients are able to link all of their bank accounts in the personal financial management tool to get a full view of their finances, decreasing held-away assets for the advisor. This creates more convenience and save the advisor and the client time.

As clients enter their personal portal, they are greeted by a Summary screen with a snapshot of their financial life. Clients can create a budget and track monthly spending category by category, track income and expenses for the current and past few months, view asset and liability totals (as well as their estimated end-of-year net worth), and see whether their goals are on track by viewing each goal’s percentage of completion.