Personalizing your marketing approach

July 21, 2017 by Dylan Amick

A client checks her phone for content sent by her financial advisor.

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Dylan Amick

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Dylan is a senior at UW-Milwaukee, double majoring in Marketing & Supply Chain and Operations Management. During his internship, he will be working closely with Salesforce. Dylan is passionate about diversity marketing and customer advocacy.

Striking the right balance between promoting your service and not losing focus on connecting with the client can leave you in a sticky situation. Many clients see marketing methods as a ploy for the company promoting their product, forcing them to feel like just a number for driving profit.

Staying connected to your clients and catering to their individual needs is predicated on how you tailor your message. There is a widespread need for financial advice, and with many competitors in the market, it is important to make the client feel like more than just another number.

Know your client

Every financial advisor understands the benefit of a client-advisor relationship. Using what you know about your prospects and clients, you can enhance the way you market your product. Knowing the name, location, and profession of your client already puts you ahead of the game, making it easier to personalize your message to what they need to hear.

Although it may not be as simple as sending an email blast to dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of clients, adopting your message to your clients in a personalized way will allow you to garner the benefits of your marketing initiatives. Clients are more likely to be receptive to information that is tailored to their specific needs than a generic “use our services” advertisement.

Channels for advertising

As a financial advisor, you do not want to sacrifice advertising for the need to communicate with your clients in a personalized way. In an economy that is ever-changing, people are becoming increasingly interested in financial planning. Some Millennials as young as 18 years old are beginning to save, while older Americans are continuing to store money for their forthcoming retirement. However, you probably are not going to see too many baby boomers on Twitter. Knowing the avenues by which you can advertise will allow you as a financial advisor to further personalize your message to your clients.

Social media is becoming increasingly utilized by people of all ages, but most notably by a younger audience. Boosting your business’s presence on social media will connect you to those younger prospects who are looking for a way to save. Modifying your message to have a more energetic tone may make a younger audience more apt to seek financial help through your services.

As for your older clients, keeping in touch with them by email or producing print and television advertisements is the best way to hone in on their needs. Keeping a respectful and positive tone in your message to an older audience will make them more inclined to continue to work with you. Simply knowing the channels with which you can reach the client and the way in which you form your message will allow you to intertwine advertising and maintaining a relationship with your customer that is advantageous to you.

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