Planning for success: The importance of setting goals

April 12, 2017 by Kyria Branaugh

A financial advisor attends a webinar on the importance of setting goals.

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Kyria Branaugh

Director, learning and support

As director of learning and support at Advicent, Kyria helps to strengthen every partner’s knowledge of Advicent products and implements strategies for adoption and product utilization.

When asked, most people will agree that having goals in life is important. In fact, come January each year, there is a renewed focus on setting goals and bettering ourselves. These can range from losing weight, saving more money, paying down debt, or finally giving up smoking. Yet it always seems that by mid-February these goals fall by the wayside and old habits creep back. In fact, 92 percent of people never achieve their New Year’s resolutions. Furthermore, one of four people make the same resolution every year.

These facts certainly make you wonder: Why are we so bad at achieving our goals?

With the help of sophisticated financial planning solutions, you can help your clients set goals and develop plans to achieve them. The most efficient way for an individual to achieve a financial goal is to develop a clear plan and stick to it.

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