Reliable results with interchangeable actors

July 31, 2018 by Kyle J Johnson

About the author

Kyle J Johnson

Revenue operations lead

Kyle provides revenue and sales analysis for all Advicent go-to-market teams. These analytics optimize Advicent pipeline forecasting, marketing strategies, and leveraged media channels to improve efficiency of sales operations. Kyle is interested in combining his three passions: tech, data analytics, and marketing, to drive success.

At the end of the 1980’s, Intel had grown to become the world’s most profitable company. Increased demand in personal computers spurred unprecedented growth in its microprocessor business. Producing microprocessors is an intense and complicated process, which was causing Intel’s fabrication plants to have vast variances in scrap rates. Some plants would scrap huge amounts of semiconductors, while others very few. Intel combatted this issue by introducing its “Copy Exactly!” process. To ensure consistent quality, Intel would go to such extreme lengths as having each sink type and orientation exactly the same across all plants. The result of this “Copy exactly!” process was consistently superior chip quality that fueled its continued growth.

Process with Presentation Module 

While the “Copy exactly!” process may be extreme, it proves the power of process: reliable results with interchangeable parts. Presentation Module, a feature in NaviPlan®, brings firms these process benefits that result in business growth, even during changes to the advisor workforce.

Earlier in the year, Advicent held a panel discussion which featured some of our top partners. Many of these partners mentioned how they use presentation module in their firms to define a sales process for their advisors. This allows them to bring advisors onboard and up-to-speed in record time, resulting in a high-powered sales engine that shortens the time to profitability. Similar to Intel, this implementation of process ensures consistent quality across the board.

There are many more benefits to Presentation Module. However, from a corporate development standpoint, it provides an increase in top-line numbers that lead to bottom-line results.

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