Removing the worry of adding financial planning to your firm

May 09, 2018 by Matt Marcum

A financial advisors using Presentation Module to do financial planning with her clients

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Matt Marcum

Director, marketing

As director of marketing, Matt oversees the breadth of go-to-market initiatives for Advicent, including product marketing, lead generation, and public relations. Drawing from a nearly decade-long background at Advicent, Matt works closely with the sales, product development, and executive teams to successfully align Advicent products with the evolving business needs of the financial services industry.

There has never been a better time for an advisor to add financial planning to their firm, or to modernize and step away from their old spreadsheet system. Having worked with many advisors of the last couple of years to implement NaviPlan ® into their practice, here are a couple of reasons why adding financial planning is so simple.

Financial planning technology today is robust but not cumbersome

First, financial planning tools are no longer the cumbersome desktop applications that they once were. Instead of worrying about desktop installs and making sure your computer was running the most up-to-date software, applications like NaviPlan run out of your browser. Therefore, you can still leverage a robust financial planning platform without the hassle of manually performing updates or worrying that you do not have all the latest features.

Additionally, you are never really on your own when you decide to use NaviPlan. All Advicent technology users have access to our robust partner support team that is available to help troubleshoot any challenge that you might be facing or explore best practices of which you may not have thought.

Scalability is key when selecting financial planning technology

For new users and financial planning veterans alike, Advicent has also revamped the NaviPlan Presentation Module to make planning simple, quick, and interactive. Each of the six presentations has a clear use, varying from retirement income planning all the way to education funding to life insurance assessments. Presentation Module makes the data entry process clear, concise, and interactive for the advisor and the output is easy to understand with clear calls to action for the client.

Furthermore, each of these presentations fully utilizes the industry-leading NaviPlan calculation engine. That means that while the presentations are comprehensive in nature, they can also act as a jumping off point into more sophisticated planning needs, such as estate planning and income tax planning .

All in all, having a tool that is flexible enough to meet the needs of your simplest client all the way up to your most complex is a must.

To learn more about how technology like NaviPlan can help you implement financial planning in your client relationships, click here .