Strengthen client relationships with technology

January 16, 2018 by Dylan Amick

A client and advisor work through a detailed financial plan.

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Dylan Amick

Marketing intern

Dylan is a senior at UW-Milwaukee, double majoring in Marketing & Supply Chain and Operations Management. During his internship, he will be working closely with Salesforce. Dylan is passionate about diversity marketing and customer advocacy.

Every prospect and client has complex and unique needs. In the financial world, clients are consistently seeking services that personally resonate with them and offer them the best value. The ultimate goal for financial advisors is to have these complex individuals translate into long-term relationships. Though there are many practices to perpetuate that client-advisor relationship, there is arguably none better than pairing expert advice with reliable technology. 

Working with your intangible tools

While the financial industry is easily understood by advisors, it can be incredibly daunting to clients. That intricacy can cause hesitancy with the client, and while it may seem obvious, words are your most valuable asset. As an advisor, you need to exercise flexibility in how you change your language to cater to each client's specific needs.

Be sure to understand what your client is looking for in their advisor. If your client wants a more formal process, then carry that tone into your interactions. If your client wants the meeting to be more informal and conversational, then you may want to be more casual in your approach.

When it comes to being able to differentiate and substantiate long-term clients, you must have the ability to work effectively in the eyes of your clients. When your clients turn to you, you must present the help they need in an accommodating manner. Ultimately, the goal is to give clients a positive experience, and trust is the foundation for putting your clients at ease.

The power of technology

Technology is constantly evolving. The digital age brings with it many opportunities for financial advisors to succeed in connecting with clients.

Resonating with clients goes beyond maintaining a solid website. Technology like email and telephones may be old-school, but the practice in using them are still very much current. Keeping up with your clients by using these avenues to connect with them will always be one of the best practices for all business people.

Appealing to the next generation of clientele is not as daunting as it may seem. In the end, it is the power of your offering — both your advice and the technology that supports it — that is how to best connect with your client base.

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