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June 23, 2018 by Kyria Branaugh

Advicent partner experience

About the author

Kyria Branaugh

Director, learning and support

As director of learning and support at Advicent, Kyria helps to strengthen every partner’s knowledge of Advicent products and implements strategies for adoption and product utilization.

Take a moment and think back to some of the best experiences of your life.  Perhaps you are thinking about your wedding day or the birth of a child.  Maybe you are thinking about your graduation or that really amazing vacation you took.  Regardless of what comes to mind, I am confident that you are not thinking about that one time you bought new financial planning software. However, in the next few months, it is my goal to change that!

What is the Advicent Partner Experience?

The partner experience refers to every interaction you have when working with Advicent. This stretches from your first onboarding call through everyday interactions with our support team. Right now, we are evaluating every touchpoint ranging from the sales process to training and finally ongoing support. We are working to make every step as seamless and easy on you as possible.

Introducing the Advicent Partner Experience Team

At Advicent, we do not want to be just a software vendor. We want to be your strategic partner that helps drive revenue and impacts your clients' lives. To enable these partnerships, we have put a renewed focus on the Advicent Partner Experience and have created an entirely new team to support the initiative. This team focuses on deepening existing partnerships while developing and nurturing new relationships. This is done by implementing proactive strategies to help you get the most value out of our tools.

What will the Partner Experience team do?

The Advicent Partner Experience Team exists to make your everyday experience with our tools better. Each partner experience manager proactively works to understand your business, so they can help identify areas of improvement and build plans to execute solutions. They also focus strongly on driving adoption at your organization by focusing on the value that our tools provide you. Through customized training programs, thought leadership resources, and regular contact, they are able to make sure your firm and advisors are getting the greatest return on investment possible.   

Finally, the most important responsibility of a partner experience manager is being your biggest advocate. By working collaboratively with you, they will ensure that your voice is heard throughout Advicent. From keeping you up to date on open support cases, sharing product updates, and being your daily contact, your partner experience manager will be your continuous Advicent liaison.

What is next?

We are currently evaluating all of our processes and systems to find ways to improve your experience. Many partners have already been given a partner experience manager, and the collaboration is well underway. Be on the lookout for additional exciting changes as we continue to enhance the Advicent Partner Experience throughout 2018.

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