The benefits of partnering with a SaaS organization

June 28, 2017 by Sean Marus

Three individuals discuss how to improve a firm's implementation of a FinTech solution

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Sean Marus

Product marketing specialist

With years of experience in product marketing and content generation in the financial services industry, Sean is committed to providing informative and impactful content to financial professionals and the clients they serve.

When working with a software as a service (SaaS) company, you get more than just a vendor; you get a partner that truly understands the unique needs of your firm. A SaaS partnership takes a hands-on approach to every facet of the project: from preliminary steps that assess technical specifications of implementation of new solutions, to the initial rollout of new technology and correlated training, to post-rollout relationship management.

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The professional services team from Advicent offers your firm industry-leading services in software implementation, both initial and ongoing training, as well as support. When working with our professional services team, enterprise firms have noted a decrease in firm oversight by over 50 percent, an increase in advisor efficiency by 35 percent, and increased client retention by 10 percent.

Our professional services team provides world-class consulting services for your firm that enable you to successfully adopt intuitive, supportable, and integrated solutions that align with your vision. We engineer, deploy, and support solutions that create value for all our clients by providing the means to tell their unique story through technological capabilities, concise configuration, and insightful training collateral that communicates their vision. Through these strategies, we enable your advisors to focus on what matters most – clients.

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