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Dylan Amick

Marketing intern

Dylan is a senior at UW-Milwaukee, double majoring in Marketing & Supply Chain and Operations Management. During his internship, he will be working closely with Salesforce. Dylan is passionate about diversity marketing and customer advocacy.

The art of owning a negotiation

As noted business researcher Chester L. Karrass once stated in one of his most renowned pieces, “In business as in life – you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.” Negotiation is truly more than just an act to reach an agreement; it is an art and a talent that can be incredibly hard to acquire.

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3 common questions from high-net-worth prospects

More often than not, HNW individuals will have three main questions before picking the financial professional that is right for them. Advisors must be prepared to answer the following questions when working to convert prospects into long-term clients.

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