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Kyria Branaugh

Director, learning and support

As director of learning and support at Advicent, Kyria helps to strengthen every partner’s knowledge of Advicent products and implements strategies for adoption and product utilization.

Four tips for learning new financial software

Learning new financial software can have some hurdles when getting started but can be quick and painless with the right resources. Here are four tips to start utilizing your new planning tool and quickly realize ROI.

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Announcing the new NaviPlan Learning Center

We are excited to announce the new NaviPlan Learning Center is now available, making it easier than ever for our partners to take advantage of learning resources. The same useful Learning Center information is now presented in a cleaner and more visually appealing way.

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5 ways to create a positive work environment

Working in the financial industry, there is a lot of pressure to meet the needs and expectations of all your clients. Sometimes, the gravity of the influence we have on the lives of clients is shocking to me.

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Taking our partner experience to the next level

Take a moment and think back to some of the best experiences of your life. Perhaps you are thinking about your wedding day or the birth of a child. Maybe you are thinking about your graduation or that really amazing vacation you took. Regardless of what comes to mind, I am confident that you are not thinking about that one time you bought new financial planning software. However, in the next few months, it is my goal to change that!

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Leveraging Adult Learning Theory to improve client meetings

Whether you are teaching the basics of a software or trying to help clients understand the importance of their financial plan, teaching theories still ring true. Here are a few common aspects of Adult Learning Theory that you can easily apply to have more impactful client meetings.

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