Advicent hosts Innovation Summit in Minneapolis; showcases the future of Figlo and Narrator technology

October 29, 2015

Advicent demonstrates the new direction of financial planning

The Consumer Revolution has changed the way consumers expect to plan for their financial futures, and Advicent Solutions has provided the answer. Figlo® will offer a client portal, account aggregation, Personal Financial Management (PFM), business intelligence, a plethora of other first-in-class financial tools, and most importantly, a state-of-the-art user interface for both the advisor and consumer.

“There are a lot of conversations within our industry about The Consumer Revolution, robo-advisors, and the new expectations of our next generation of consumers,” stated Phil Cunningham, CEO of Advicent Solutions. “We answer all of these challenges, and more, with our next generation of first-class financial planning tools. The future is now, and Advicent Solutions is the pioneer.”

Advicent Solutions showcased new client-experience features coming to Figlo that will drive financial planning of tomorrow. With a beautifully-designed, responsive client portal, account aggregation tool that paints a true financial picture, and finally, the most powerful Personal Financial Management tool offered in the financial planning space, the expectations of The Consumer Revolution will be met with Advicent Solutions.

Other topics covered at the second Advicent Innovation Summit include:

How the consumer revolution affects your business today, Steve Sanduski, President, Belay Advisors

Steve discussed what the consumer revolution really means and how it is unique in the financial planning arena. Together, Steve and the audience explored how the consumer revolution is impacting business. Finally, Steve challenged the idea that this revolution is a genera­tional shift, but rather a shift in expectations and mobility. Steve also shared other experiences, perspective, and consumer shifts that may happen in the future.

The evolution of the robo-advisor, Steve Lamb, senior product marketing consultant at Advicent

Steve presented his thoughts on what led to the creation of robo-advisors in the “fintech” landscape and what the coming years may bring. The audience also discovered the business models of many robo-advice players, learning the advancements that have been made and about numerous firms operating around and in this landscape.

Creating a digital, client-centric experience: Figlo sneak peek of what’s next, Cory Olson, director, product management at Advicent

Cory showcased the convergence of PFM and financial planning that will deliver the complete, real-time financial insight your clients demand – anytime, anywhere. He also discussed how Figlo will save time, improve services, and provide the interactive experience that will be a key differentiator in the marketplace.

How to become a digital advisor during a consumer revolution, Tony Stich, director, global marketing at Advicent along with industry expert panelists

Prior to facilitating questions with the industry-expert panelists, Tony discussed the advent of robo-advisors, the coming of age of Gen X’ers, the expectations of millennials, and the access of information at our customers’ fingertips. He then took a deeper dive into the next generation of financial planning – studying the different personas of various target demographics. The panel then took questions from both the moderator and audience around how advisors can stand out against robo-advisors, empower their clients, and generate more business.

How the history of financial planning software will affect its future, Chad Blythe, vice president, sales at Advicent

Chad presented on the history of financial planning software as a study of planning perception and client experience over the last two decades. He then identified trends from advisors and their clients to make some bold but logical predictions on how this technology will serve advisors and the industry in the future.

How Advicent can help you get on the technology train now, Andrew King, enterprise solutions consultant at Advicent Solutions with representatives from Narrator client

Andrew shared insights on how Advicent is helping its clients overcome the challenges of practical implementation of innovative thinking in complex organizations through Innovation Days. An Advicent Solutions client also shared a testimonial about how they worked with Advicent to reach their firm’s goals.

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About Advicent

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