Advicent solidifies lead in enterprise market with new Narrator® Connect APIs and online developer portal

August 22, 2017

New API capabilities from Advicent enable firms to remain competitive and develop custom solutions

Advicent, a leading provider of financial planning technology, announced updates to its best-in-class Narrator® Connect API platform, including several new APIs for enterprise firms, which support online plan viewing; and digital data gathering and client onboarding.

The new APIs will enable firms to incorporate financial planning into unique and engaging digital offerings, such as wealth management portals, lead generation tools, or financial planning portals.

In addition, Advicent announced its new global API developer portal to seamlessly connect developers with the Narrator Connect APIs and empower them to build innovative, custom financial planning solutions faster than ever before. Firms and integration partners can review Narrator Connect API documentation, learn more about sample API use cases, and make mock API calls via the Advicent website. To learn more about the new Narrator Connect APIs, visit the Advicent developer portal.

“With the shift in how advisors communicate with their clients in today’s market, firms need technology that can keep up with client demands,” said Cory Olson, director of global product management, at Advicent. “Creating a branded digital client experience with APIs helps firms remain competitive and reach a broader range of consumers seeking a mixture of self-directed analysis and human interaction.”

Narrator Connect from Advicent enables firms to deliver custom financial applications to acquire and educate clients, deepen relationships, and improve efficiency by providing a fully customizable, integrated, and differentiated experience. Applications created with Narrator Connect give clients access to information and tools, such as financial plans, personal financial management, account aggregation, secure document sharing, collaboration tools, and more.

About Advicent 

Advicent is the leading provider of SaaS technology solutions for the financial services industry, servicing the world’s largest financial institutions. The Advicent product offering includes the NaviPlan®, Figlo®, and Profiles™ financial planning software which power our Narrator® Advisor dashboard and Narrator® Clients portal; the Advisor Briefcase® marketing communications tool; and the Narrator® Connect application builder which unlocks the power of Advicent APIs. Through our innovative product capabilities and dedicated services, we are able to help thousands of financial professionals and their clients understand and impact their financial future. To learn more, visit or email