NaviPlan 19.1 expands pool of Canadian affluent & high-net-worth clients for advisors

July 23, 2019

Latest version of Advicent's financial planning platform enables advisors to tax-efficiently incorporate operating companies in Canadian clients' plans

Advicent announced today the rollout of NaviPlan® 19.1, which will allow financial professionals to add operating companies into financial plans for Canadian clients. 

NaviPlan 19.1 also enables advisors to more accurately calculate taxes on income from Canadian-controlled private corporations (CCPCs) in accordance with recent Canadian tax legislation. For more information, or to schedule a demo, please visit

“We remain committed to helping advisors meet financial planning and wealth management needs that are unique to clients in the markets where they operate,” said Angela Pecoraro, Chief Executive Officer of Advicent. “As regulations and client expectations continue to evolve, we regularly enhance NaviPlan to ensure that the advisors who use our software can maintain a simple technology stack by relying on a single planning solution to accommodate all of their planning needs.”

This latest NaviPlan enhancement includes capabilities and features for:

  • Incorporating & Modeling Operating Companies in Financial Plans: The “private corporations” tab in NaviPlan now includes an option to add operating companies, in addition to holding companies. NaviPlan can demonstrate and model an operating company’s income and expenses, as well as the payment of shareholder salaries, which will enable advisors to more accurately account for a client’s private corporate situation in their financial plan.
  • Servicing Medical Practitioners & Small Business Owners: Advisors can now utilize NaviPlan to create long-term, holistic, and tax-efficient financial plans—with more precise modeling—for the owners of Canadian medical practices and small businesses.
  • Servicing Affluent & High-Net-Worth Canadian Investors with CCPCs: NaviPlan enables advisors to offer tax and other financial planning insights for Canadian clients who establish Canadian-controlled private corporations to defer taxable income.
  • Accurately Calculate Operating Company Taxes: The Canadian tax code applies a small business deduction to CCPCs, which levies lower corporate taxes on the first C$500,000 of active business income. However, under tax code changes enacted last year, small business deduction eligibility, and the amount of business income subject to lower corporate tax rates, can vary depending on the amount of income a CCPC owner receives from investment accounts. NaviPlan 19.1 enables advisors to seamlessly calculate the amount of taxes Canadian clients with operating and holding companies will owe in light of these new rules. 

“By bolstering NaviPlan’s functionality in this area, we have expanded the scope of affluent and high-net-worth Canadian clients that advisors can efficiently and effectively service using our platform,” said John Heinen, Chief Technology Officer of Advicent. “This is the latest example of how our forward-thinking technology helps financial professionals stay one step ahead of industry and market changes, while meeting individual client needs and growing at scale.”

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