Sophisticated planning meets innovative client technology: Narrator® and NaviPlan® to be integrated in early 2016

October 01, 2015

Advicent is pleased to announce that Narrator®, a state-of-the-art customized application builder, will be integrated with NaviPlan®, the industry’s most powerful and flexible financial planning application, in early 2016.

This integration will empower the clients of Advicent to create truly unique user interfaces – an enhancement needed to differentiate from their competition – with the number one financial planning tool in North America, NaviPlan. This integration – a digital experience fusing our clients’ brands with the most complex calculation engine on the globe – will guarantee a digital user experience second-to-none, something now expected during the Consumer Revolution.

“Differentiation has increasingly become a top priority for our clients and quite simply, we plan on delivering,” stated Phil Cunningham, Chief Executive Officer at Advicent Solutions. “The Consumer Revolution, coupled with increased competition both traditionally and digitally from robo-advisors, has made it clear that our clients need more – the integration of Narrator with NaviPlan is the answer.”

Narrator is a configurable application builder that will allow advisors to build a truly unique client experience that helps them tell their own story and differentiate their practice. In the past, differentiation in planning technology often meant simply the ability to change colors, logos or fonts. Later on in the integration with Narrator, firms will be able to create applications completely from scratch using a variety of pre-made widgets that can be arranged within the application. Firms can even create custom widgets of their own through external development. Also planned for later integrations include Personal Financial Management (PFM) and account aggregation tools.

"The integration will enable advisors to meet the increasing market demand from clients for ‘anywhere, anytime’ access to their financial plan, utilizing a client-facing portal feature,” adds Cory Olson, Director of Global Product Strategy. “Ever since our enterprise clients have seen the power of Figlo® and Narrator, they have been asking when this integration will take place. We are very excited to announce this integration will take place in early 2016. Simply put, our sophisticated planning meets innovative client technology. It’s a win-win.”

Using this configurability, clients have created game-ified lead generation applications, social media data-gathering tools and interactive retirement planning capabilities—all unique and branded back to the firm. Each of these tools presents a modern advisory experience for financial consumers and ensures that the firm is offering something that these users have never seen before.

Advicent Solutions acquired Figlo in late 2014, identifying their cutting-edge tools as leaders in the financial planning space. Since the acquisition and throughout 2015, Advicent Solutions has been rapidly innovating as we introduced Figlo technology in the North American marketplace – starting with Narrator in February and then the client-centric planning application, Figlo, in May. Logically, the next step is to integrate NaviPlan with the innovative client-facing technology of Figlo. Narrator is currently being used globally and will soon be integrated with NaviPlan in North America.

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