NaviPlan for RIAs

RIAs can utilize NaviPlan to cater their wealth management services to a wide variety of clients and deliver a seamless digital experience.

Powerful wealth management software

From simple goals-based assessments to advanced retirement income scenarios and estate planning, NaviPlan equips wealth managers to provide detailed financial analysis and expand their services to a broader book of business.

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Case study: Private wealth advisory practice

Increase profitability through strong data and holistic financial planning

This small, private wealth advisory practice manages an impressive $130 million of assets, however, its advisors were restricted from growing the business due to the significant time commitments required to produce comprehensive plans in its previous financial planning tool.

Results trusted by this private wealth advisory practice include:

increased prospect conversion
rates by 30 percent

15 percent graphic

increased number of
prospects by five percent

15 percent graphic

increased revenue by up to
$15,000 per client

Deliver a seamless digital experience

With the NaviPlan client portal, RIAs are able to provide clients with unhindered access to their financial plans. Additionally, the NaviPlan client portal expedites the data-gathering process to make the most out of each client meeting.

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Streamline workflows and increase productivity through our integrations and partnerships with other industry leaders.

Integrations with leading technology providers transfer your client data securely, in real time - saving you time and reducing the margin for error. Our integration with MX allows clients to import their accounts and loans from thousands of institutions. Additionally, our strategic partnerships with associations like the FPA and Garrett Planning Network provide discounts to group members.