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Navigating the 2021 tax season

What CPAs and other advisors can do to ease the tax planning process for their clients, and their firms, and create opportunities for growth in the area of financial planning.

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March 26, 2021 by Moriah Diedrich

Anthony Stich featured on The Advisor Lab podcast

Anthony Stich recently joined Alex Cavalieri and Alison Tyler on The Advisor Lab podcast to discuss some of the biggest hurdles facing advisors in the third wave of financial planning and beyond.

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February 15, 2021 by Kelton Corcoran

eBook | Creating a 2021 business plan

What do you want to achieve professionally in 2021? Creating a business plan can help advisors and firms identify actionable goals to drive growth in the business.

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January 6, 2021 by Kelton Corcoran

How institutions can tee-up for success in 2021

Regardless of how well an institution responded in 2020, the start of a new year offers another opportunity to tee-up your ball and be in the best position for success on the road ahead.

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January 6, 2021 by Kelton Corcoran

Top 4 things the financial services industry learned in 2020

While many may view 2020 as a year to forget, events of this year have spurred growth and innovation in the FinTech industry, accelerated the adoption of remote client engagement, and emphasized the value of both financial professionals and comprehensive plans.

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December 29, 2020 by Kelton Corcoran

How to start your financial life

We are excited to sponsor this episode of the Animal Spirits podcast in which Michael Batnick and Ben Carlson discuss financial decisions facing young investors.

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December 18, 2020 by Tom Burmeister

This Thanksgiving, let's talk estate planning

While Thanksgiving this year may look different for many of us, the holiday is still an excellent reminder to open the estate planning dialogue. Learn how to begin crafting an estate strategy in NaviPlan.

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November 16, 2020 by Moriah Diedrich

The finances of parenting

We are excited to sponsor this episode of the Animal Spirits podcast in which Michael Batnick and Ben Carlson discuss the finances of parenting.

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September 4, 2020 by Tom Burmeister

Anthony Stich joins Power Your Advice podcast with Doug Heikkinen

On the latest episode of the Power Your Advice podcast, Anthony Stich joins Doug Heikkinen to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the financial services industry, how client expectations are changing in the Third Wave of financial planning, and how Advicent fits into the picture.

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August 24, 2020 by Kelton Corcoran

Managing your household budget

We are excited to sponsor this week's episode of the Animal Spirits podcast in which Michael Batnick and Ben Carlson discuss managing a household budget.

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August 21, 2020 by Tom Burmeister

The economics of home ownership

We are excited to sponsor this week's episode of the Animal Spirits podcast in which Michael Batnick and Ben Carlson discuss the economics of home ownership.

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August 7, 2020 by Tom Burmeister

Financial planning demand in the wake of the pandemic

While the increase in demand from both current clients and prospects can be difficult to manage, advisors with the right technology at their hip can emerge with more satisfied clients and a stronger book of business.

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July 29, 2020 by Moriah Diedrich

eBook | Financial advisors' guide to impactful digital marketing

Investors today are seeking a whole new level of connection with their finances and advisors, and the demand for financial advice has reached a new peak. To take advantage, firms need to be sure their digital marketing strategies are in order and ready to enable growth.

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July 24, 2020 by Kelton Corcoran

Reg BI has arrived: What to know about the new standards

It has been 391 days since the Securities and Exchange Commission introduced a new set of standards for broker-dealers, registered investment advisors (RIAs), and dual registrants. On June 30, the Reg BI rule went into effect, ensuring brokers are acting in the best interests of their clients.

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June 30, 2020 by Kelton Corcoran

Reg BI is here. Is your tech ready?

As brokers consider what changes to existing operations, processes and workflows they will need to implement in order to comply with Reg BI, they should also look into the legacy technology systems on which their firms run.

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June 30, 2020 by Angela Pecoraro

How NaviPlan supports the CARES Act

With a majority of U.S. individuals having received their payment from the CARES Act, here is how NaviPlan supports additional changes of the stimulus package.

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May 18, 2020 by Kelton Corcoran

Maintaining client connection with digital tools

COVID-19 will undoubtedly change firm best practices going forward and the planners who embrace those changes now will be ahead of the curve. Advisors can utilize digital tools to stay connected with their clients and keep their clients connected with their advice.

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April 9, 2020 by Shawn Bosman

How to stay connected to your clients right now

It goes without saying that we are living in extraordinary times. Fear, stress, and uncertainty are a dangerous mixture, leaving advisors to play a critical role in connecting with and calming their clients.

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March 24, 2020 by Angela Pecoraro

Creating financial luck with preparation

Financial planning can seem an overwhelming task, causing people to put off getting a financial advisor and hoping they will somehow save the right amount for retirement. How can advisors help clients overcome their financial anxiety and create a plan that will set them up for a successful retirement?

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March 13, 2020 by Moriah Diedrich

Demonstrating value as a financial advisor

With competition heating up in the financial services industry and a generational wealth transfer on the horizon, ensuring an advisor’s value is clearly demonstrated will be key for firms.

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March 4, 2020 by Kelton Corcoran

Product update | NaviPlan 20.0 release

Our latest version of NaviPlan includes changes to retirement saving with the SECURE Act, updated tax calculations, dynamic reporting graphics, and client report improvements.

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March 2, 2020 by John Heinen

Practice management challenges facing firms in a new decade

Problems, challenges, pain points, obstacles… you can use any number of words to describe the complications that advisors face in the financial planning process as we enter a new decade. For firms hoping for long-term growth, overcoming practice management challenges with FinTech will be key.

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February 28, 2020 by Charles Jacques

Essential tech stack for first-year financial advisors

While starting out on your own is always exciting as a financial advisor, it can be a daunting task that many planners do not know where to begin. From managing client relationships to delivering advice, here are some tips on building out an essential tech stack.

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February 21, 2020 by Shawn Bosman

Whitepaper | Lessons from the data revolution

In today’s digital age, advisors are competing with much more than just the firm down the block. By leveraging innovations in planning technology and embracing opportunities created by AI, advisors can do far more, with far less.

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February 11, 2020 by Kelton Corcoran

2019 Advicent event recap

As 2020 gets underway, we here at Advicent are already looking forward to an incredible slate of industry conferences and tradeshows over the coming months. As the excitement continues to build for the conference season to kick off, we wanted to reflect on the exciting experiences from 2019.

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January 15, 2020 by Jenna Diemer

Introducing Advicent’s RAD Women group

While it is true that the financial services industry is largely served by male employees, the women here at Advicent have come together to form an “employee resource group” (ERG) that we proudly call “RAD Women.”

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January 13, 2020 by Karly Cortez

Guided Retirement tool tech stack at a glance

With the NaviPlan Guided Retirement tool, we continued our goal of leveraging modern frameworks and fundamental innovations to enhance the financial planning experience. Here is an overview of the tech stack supporting the new tool.

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January 7, 2020 by Kawika Avilla

Reimagine problem-solving with design thinking

Design thinking is a process for creative problem-solving that has been used for decades to solve a wide range of problems and situations. Despite its very specific name, it can be applied to any field; it does not have to be design-specific.

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January 2, 2020 by Meagan Haan

Key elements of the SECURE Act

The SECURE Act brings important changes to the way Americans save for retirement and is said to be the biggest piece of retirement legislation in the past decade. Let’s take a look at some of the key elements that are included.

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December 19, 2019 by Kelton Corcoran

Product update | NaviPlan 19.3 release

Our latest release of NaviPlan includes the new Guided Retirement assessment, the retirement healthcare data integration, new qualified distribution options, additional visual enhancements, and more.

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December 16, 2019 by John Heinen

Video | Evolution of FinTech over a decade of disruption

At the Asset TV studios in New York, Advicent COO Tony Stich reflects with Remy Blaire on the past decade of FinTech disruptions, what will be in store for the next decade, and how advisory practices can remain competitive moving forward.

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December 11, 2019 by Kelton Corcoran

Technology’s impact on the client-advisor relationship

Though technology is commonplace across the financial services industry, some advisors may feel that it is replacing the human aspect of the client-advisor experience. While our industry is becoming more dependent on tech, technology is here to enhance relationships, not replace them.

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December 5, 2019 by Tuesday Willingale

What is an API?

If you find yourself asking "what is an API?" you are certainly not in the minority. In this article, discover the basics of APIs and the terminology around them.

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November 27, 2019 by Haley Elmendorf

Whitepaper | Determining the best FinTech solutions

Financial planning is constantly changing, and the most successful firms realize the importance of technology to their growth and client satisfaction. With so many FinTech solutions on the market today, how can you know which are the most fitting for your organization's workflow?

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November 25, 2019 by Kelton Corcoran

How storytelling bolsters financial plans & client relationships

When advisors take the time to understand a client’s motivations, outlook and goals, and what they want to achieve for themselves and their families, they can present their expertise, services and added value in a way that will resonate on a deeper, emotional level.

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November 21, 2019 by Angela Pecoraro

Client conversations to have this holiday season

With the holidays upon us and the end of the year just around the corner, advisors should be looking to take advantage of this season to engage with their clients on a variety of planning topics.

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November 18, 2019 by Kelton Corcoran

Whitepaper | A decade of disruption

In the last decade, investor expectations have been reshaped by technological advancements and the financial crisis. Today, investors are looking not only for the advice of a trusted advisor but also for a more hands-on role in managing their financial future.

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November 11, 2019 by Kelton Corcoran

Inter-tab communication within NaviPlan

Sometimes it can be easy to use a feature and not appreciate its value or understand the complexity of how it might work behind the scenes. Take a closer look at one of these features: the NaviPlan Fact Finder.

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November 4, 2019 by Ryan Fryjoff

Conquering the fear of financial planning

Though most people recognize the importance of financial planning to achieve goals and prepare for retirement, statistics still show that many Americans are afraid of discussing the taboo topic of money. Learn how advisors can demystify these client fears.

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October 24, 2019 by Moriah Diedrich

Video | A Decade of Disruption: From financial crisis to FinTech domination

Born out of the ashes of the 2008 financial crisis, technology has helped the financial services industry tremendously, especially around client expectations. At the recent Wealth/Stack 2019 conference, Advicent COO, Tony Stich, discusses how this phenomenon has driven the industry forward digitally.

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October 16, 2019 by Kelton Corcoran

Parenting: A lifelong financial commitment

Many parents are willing to make financial sacrifices for their children to succeed in life, but where do we draw the line between just helping out and jeopardizing our own futures?

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October 7, 2019 by Moriah Diedrich

eBook | An advisor's guide to social media

Social media has become an essential tool for advisors to connect with others and enhance their brand. This guide will give you a set of best practices to build strong brand recognition, make strategic connections, and prospect for future clients on various social media platforms.

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October 2, 2019 by Kelton Corcoran

Product update | NaviPlan 19.2 release

Our most recent update to NaviPlan includes visual enhancements of various reports and areas within the application, the ability to split surplus savings, and more.

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September 30, 2019 by John Heinen

Why millennials need a financial advisor

Being a recent college graduate, I deal firsthand with the major student loan debt crisis and the large amount of concern it brings to Millennials across the country.

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September 27, 2019 by Kelton Corcoran

Longer client lifespans a top trend for independent advisors

When independent advisors were asked about what the largest impact would be on their practices moving forward, many had an interesting answer: client longevity. Here is a deeper look at what areas advisors say will be impacted with longer client lifespans and tips on how advisors can prepare their practices for this trend moving forward.

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September 19, 2019 by Tyler Martyniak

Calm clients during volatile markets with technology and a plan

When hearing about market downturns, investors may choose to make rash decisions in the heat of the moment which, later on, they could regret. The recent volatility and ongoing uncertainty in today’s market underscores the need for comprehensive, living-and-breathing financial plans.

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September 16, 2019 by Angela Pecoraro

How to help HNW clients score a financial planning touchdown

Playing in the NFL is highly lucrative, but careers can be altered—or ended—in an instant by injuries, trades, or other sudden developments. Similarly, high-net-worth individuals and families can also experience surprises which have a serious impact on their financial well-being.

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September 10, 2019 by Tom Burmeister

NaviPlan demo at the In|Vest 2019 conference

At the recent In|Vest 2019 conference, Advicent chief technology officer, John Heinen, and vice president of financial planning, Tom Burmeister, presented two new NaviPlan capabilities: a guided retirement experience and financial planning APIs.

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August 29, 2019 by Kelton Corcoran

Combating elder bankruptcy

In the past three decades, the number of elderly people in the U.S. filing for bankruptcy has risen at an alarming rate. While it might be the best course of action for some of these seniors, financial advisors can step in to help future generations plan for a successful retirement.

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August 28, 2019 by Moriah Diedrich

Equipping your clients for education planning

With student loan debt recently surpassing $1.5 trillion, financial advisors are in a unique position to help guide both parents and their children through the process of education planning by suggesting a strategy that best fits their needs.

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August 26, 2019 by Ryan Dvornik

Helping clients make crucial Social Security decisions

When advising on high-level topics like retirement saving, having a proper Social Security strategy in place can get overlooked. Ensuring clients make the correct move when it comes to Social Security may be the difference between retirement disaster or success.

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August 19, 2019 by Moriah Diedrich

Customer support: The UX team’s closest ally

External users are crucial to the feedback process and give needed insights, but who is going to tell you the cold, hard truth about the product you are designing? Someone who uses the product daily, knows the ins and outs of workflows, and isn’t afraid to tell you exactly how they feel: internal users.

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August 5, 2019 by Kaitlynn Honeck

Announcing the new NaviPlan Learning Center

We are excited to announce the new NaviPlan Learning Center is now available, making it easier than ever for our partners to take advantage of learning resources. The same useful Learning Center information is now presented in a cleaner and more visually appealing way.

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July 31, 2019 by Kyria Branaugh

The state-level fight against Reg BI

It has now been nearly two months since the Securities and Exchange Commission officially passed a new regulatory standard applying to broker-dealers: the Regulation Best Interest rule. Since then, debate has ensued leading several states to mount a challenge against Reg BI.

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July 26, 2019 by Kelton Corcoran

Webinar | Embrace the Third Wave of financial planning

In this recent webinar with Wealth Professional, learn how firm strategies, advisor workflows, and client expectations have evolved over the past 10 years and how the next wave of the financial planning practice will ultimately return greater autonomy to advisors and clients alike.

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July 25, 2019 by Tom Burmeister

Whitepaper | Good isn't good enough

As advisors dissect which method is best to deliver top-notch advice and grow their practice, it is crucial to understand how relying too heavily on the simpler goals-based planning method can be detrimental to advice quality.

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July 24, 2019 by Kelton Corcoran

Product update | NaviPlan 19.1 release

Our latest update to NaviPlan introduces improvements to the Report Editor to allow for smoother compliance workflows, enhancements to the client portal, HSA contribution improvements, and state tax updates.

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July 22, 2019 by John Heinen

3 tips for converting more prospects

Independent financial advisors are understandably spread thin, but the survival of their businesses depends on prospecting for new clients. Learn how adopting strategies to engage more effectively with prospects can expand client bases without disrupting other responsibilities.

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June 14, 2019 by Angela Pecoraro

How to recruit advisors to your financial planning firm

The current financial advisor job market gives a lot of negotiating power to young prospects entering the job search. For firms who are looking to sustain their books of business and hold a strong competitive edge moving forward, here are some tips on how to recruit the next generation of financial advisors.

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June 14, 2019 by Rebecca Reindl

What broker-dealers need to know about the Regulation Best Interest rule

On June 5, 2019, the Securities and Exchange Commission officially voted in the Regulation Best Interest rule to bring a new set of standards to broker-dealers. While the official document comes in at a hefty 771 pages, here are some of the highlights that broker-dealers need to know about the new Reg BI rule.

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June 12, 2019 by Kelton Corcoran

Whitepaper | Recruiting the next generation of financial advisors

Advisors are retiring in record numbers with fewer young professionals stepping in to take their place. This shortage has made it increasingly difficult to recruit and retain new talent. Where does the search begin when your firm has a need to hire a financial advisor?

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June 10, 2019 by Kelton Corcoran

Being agile. Small-a agile.

In an industry in which the only constant is change, agile is a set of values and principles that help teams focus on delivering the most important value as soon as possible. Learn how we implement the deepest form of agile, “small-a” agile at Advicent.

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June 5, 2019 by Brian Shotola

Video | Planning on data

Advicent senior product director Paul Raisanen discusses how advisors can navigate the use of data sources which will play an increasingly integral role in the success of financial plans moving forward.

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May 23, 2019 by Kelton Corcoran

How advisors can harness the power of storytelling

Once a plan is created to address financial goals and how to achieve them, presenting that plan within the framework of a client's personal story can launch the client-advisor relationship to the next level, and convert a higher percentage of clients and assets.

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April 26, 2019 by Tuesday Willingale

On NaviPlan 19.0: The impact of visual design

In the user experience (UX) discipline, refreshing the design of a B2B software application — especially one with a long tenure and remarkably deep functionality — is one of the toughest tasks you can take on. This challenge drives us, and we are just getting started on the journey of transforming NaviPlan.

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April 24, 2019 by Tom Elmendorf

Product update | NaviPlan 19.0 release

We are excited to introduce our latest release of NaviPlan® which includes an entirely overhauled user interface, allowing advisors to leverage our industry-leading technology with greater ease of use than ever before.

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April 15, 2019 by John Heinen

Advising your clients on buying their first home

Buying their first home is one of the largest decisions a client will make and can be daunting especially for younger clients. Here are considerations to take when guiding clients through the first-time home buying journey.

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April 5, 2019 by Tyler Martyniak

4 areas to consider with the central planning model

There are plenty of reasons why a financial services firm wants to be both efficient and specialized, but the two can often work against each other. In response to these sacrifices that firms found themselves making, a common trend in the financial planning industry has been implementing central planning.

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April 2, 2019 by Patrick Meyer

What advisors need to know about data security

For financial advisors, dealing with data security is an important facet of the job. Every day, advisors handle their clients’ extremely important and sensitive financial information and need to be sure they are doing everything they can to protect it.

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March 28, 2019 by Jeff Plutte

Product update | A new NaviPlan experience launches April 15

On April 15, we will be delivering the first of several remarkable updates to NaviPlan® that will be arriving this year. This new NaviPlan experience begins with an entirely overhauled user interface, which will allow users to leverage our industry-leading planning technology with greater ease of use than ever before.

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March 21, 2019 by John Heinen

Four tips for learning new financial software

Learning new financial software can have some hurdles when getting started but can be quick and painless with the right resources. Here are four tips to start utilizing your new planning tool and quickly realize ROI.

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March 20, 2019 by Kyria Branaugh

Evaluating your firm’s technology stack in 2019 | NaviPlan Financial Forum

For a firm looking to make substantial improvements to their process in 2019, evaluating the current financial planning technology stack used can have a big impact. Putting the right FinTech in place helps advisors generate higher quality advice, reduce firm-wide inefficiencies, and improve the overall client experience.

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March 13, 2019 by Dillon Gilpatrick

Top wealth management trends for 2019

As firms revamp business models and technology stacks, success will largely depend on making quick adjustments for emerging market trends and, most importantly, meeting customer demands. Here are four wealth management trends that will have important implications in 2019.

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February 25, 2019 by Moriah Diedrich

Relationships matter to HNW clients

Advisors need to remember that the ultimate goal of technology should be to improve the connection their clients have with their finances and the strength of the client-advisor relationship.

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February 12, 2019 by Kelton Corcoran

3 key figures for advisors in 2019

2019 looks to be a year filled with changing opportunities for financial advisors. As you develop your firm’s strategy for the next 12 months, here are three important statistics to take into consideration.

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January 23, 2019 by Moriah Diedrich

Video | Building a process-driven practice with NaviPlan

Firms of all size across the globe often struggle with inefficient processes, which can cause many other problems throughout the organization. Among the most common are wasted time, reduced revenue, and squandered profits.

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January 14, 2019 by Kelton Corcoran

Auditing your firm’s marketing for 2019

With the new year underway, many advisors are honing in on their goals for the next 12 months. This is an excellent time to perform an audit of your firm’s current marketing strategy to determine if some adjustments can be made to help achieve these new objectives. Here are a few areas to focus on.

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January 11, 2019 by Kelton Corcoran

Insurance trends to look for in 2019

Competitors are now entering the insurance market by looking back at some of the old trends and using them to innovate. Let's take a look back at the beginning insurance industry and the trends to expect in 2019.

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January 4, 2019 by Kyle Johnson

2018 blog highlights

The goal of our blog is to deliver content that helps advisors, wealth managers, and other financial professionals gain meaningful insights on the industry and tips on how to grow their practices. Let’s take a look back at some the highlights of our blog over the past 12 months.

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December 28, 2018 by Kelton Corcoran

2018 release highlights

2018 was a big year for NaviPlan® and featured four different releases that brought numerous new features and enhancements to our users. With the new year just around the corner, let’s take a look back at some of the highlights of our releases over the past 12 months.

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December 28, 2018 by Kelton Corcoran

Product update | NaviPlan 18.3 release

We are excited to announce our latest release of NaviPlan® that has introduced a new Client Report Editor, improvements to the client portal, and more.

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December 17, 2018 by John Heinen

Advising your clients on year-end tax planning

As the end of the year approaches, clients may be too distracted to fully assess their year-end tax planning needs. Or, as many advisors have experienced, they may be rushing in for help at the last minute. These situations are perfect opportunities for advisors to show their value and are exactly where NaviPlan® is built to help.

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December 13, 2018 by Alex Noonan

5 HNW client conversations you should be having

With less than half of HNWIs having substantial conversations about aligning their wealth with important goals and values, there is a real need for advisors to broaden the wealth planning dialogue they are having with clients.

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December 11, 2018 by Moriah Diedrich

What advisors can learn from the General Motors diet

Even in a healthy, optimistic economic state, there will always be turbulence that we must account for as employees and investors, as well as members of our community and families. So, where does GM's recent shuttering of its plants leave its former employees and what does this mean for financial advisors?

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December 4, 2018 by Mitch Moylan

Advising HNW clients on charitable giving

For the general population, charitable giving typically means donating time or small contributions and requires little planning, but for high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs), larger charitable donations can require the expertise of a financial advisor.

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November 14, 2018 by Moriah Diedrich

Video | A simpler approach to custom client experiences

At the recent 2018 T3 Enterprise Conference, director of financial planning Tom Burmeister caught up with InvestmentNews to discuss the evolution of financial advice delivery and how technologies such as APIs are helping firms differentiate from the competition.

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November 6, 2018 by Kelton Corcoran

Video | The third wave of financial planning

At the recent 2018 T3 Enterprise Conference, Advicent COO Tony Stich caught up with InvestmentNews to discuss how consumers’ expectations of digital experiences are changing and why advisors embrace technology to remain competitive.

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November 6, 2018 by Kelton Corcoran

Think like a tour pro and win more HNW clients

With nearly 10 million U.S. households having a net worth of over one million dollars, high-net-worth clients are out there, but the competition is fierce. Success in the HNW market is similar to success on the PGA Tour, where a slight but consistent advantage can make all the difference.

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October 31, 2018 by Nate Oberholtzer

Preparing clients for the great wealth transfer

Within the next 30 to 40 years, an expected $30 trillion in assets will be passed down from Baby Boomers to their heirs in what is being called the “great wealth transfer”. What can financial advisors do to ensure they can secure the inheritors’ business and help them retain that wealth moving forward?

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October 18, 2018 by Moriah Diedrich

Improving the 'process' in process-driven selling

Selling in service-based industries is often a monumental task compared to selling in product-based industries. Especially in the financial services industry, it can be difficult to create an efficient, repeatable process that demonstrates value to clients.

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October 4, 2018 by Moriah Diedrich

Product update | NaviPlan 18.2 release

We’re thrilled to announce our latest round of enhancements that have been added to NaviPlan. In our latest release, we have introduced additional account types, improvements to client reports, state tax updates, and various other improvements.

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September 24, 2018 by John Heinen

Understanding why high-net-worth investors love student housing

As an advisor, understanding how clients think about money is essential to not only provide good advice but also to attract new clients. This is especially true for high-net-worth (HNW) clients, who tend to look at certain factors when making investments or other financial decisions.

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September 17, 2018 by Kelton Corcoran

Why process-driven selling is critical for new advisors

For new advisors, along with all the extraneous tasks of operating a business, generating maximum revenue from each prospect is critical to finding success. The best and most efficient way to do that is by having a consistent, well-structured sales process.

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September 7, 2018 by Nate Oberholtzer

What is scalable planning and why is it important?

The financial industry is a complex business to be a part of. The needs of clients and the subsequent services provided by advisors can vary drastically on a case by case basis. Lately, we have seen a rising need for a more “flexible” and “scalable” financial planning tool, but what does that really mean?

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September 4, 2018 by Robert Gunther

Best reasons to plan downstream

You’ve likely heard of the Pareto principle before, which states that 80 percent of the effects are produced by 20 percent of the causes. In the advisory world, this is often true, where 20 percent of clients will result in 80 percent of a firm’s business.

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August 30, 2018 by Patrick Meyer

How high-net-worth individuals choose an advisor

Differentiation is one of many pieces in the puzzle of developing a successful practice in the financial services industry. However, the reality is that most financial institutions behave the exact same way so it is difficult to attract highly sought-after clients.

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August 27, 2018 by Moriah Diedrich

How your clients are discussing money with their children

Last month, Capital Group published a survey that outlines shifting trends around how Generation X and millennial parents are discussing financial topics with their children. Let’s unpack some of the survey’s key findings.

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August 17, 2018 by Andy Penkalski

5 common myths about cash flow financial planning

A number of articles have been written extolling the virtues of cash flow planning as part of the financial planning process. After years of speaking with advisors, I’ve heard many misconceptions regarding the cash flow planning portion. In hope of clearing this up, here are the five most common cash flow planning myths that I’ve run into.

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August 14, 2018 by Tyler Martyniak

Catering to high-net-worth estate planning needs

As ultra-high-net-worth clients get closer to their sunset years, concerns over minimizing potential estate taxes become a very real question. NaviPlan® financial planning software can help answer those concerns with its various estate strategy and modeling options.

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August 10, 2018 by Kelton Corcoran

Improving client collaboration and experience with Presentation Module

NaviPlan’s Presentation Module is a slideshow marketing presentation that can be used to either review or input a clients’ data. One of the many benefits is that these presentations resonate well with clients and can be utilized whether this is an existing client or a brand new client’s first meeting.

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August 9, 2018 by Dillon Gilpatrick

Our devotion to delivering the best possible product and user experience

At Advicent, we recently held our 2018 Rally Week to reflect on our progress from the first half of the year and look ahead towards the second half. We were joined by some of our existing partners for presentations on their business processes and feedback on how our products fit their needs.

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July 26, 2018 by Tony Velasquez

Common questions when implementing NaviPlan

Despite being an incredibly large and diverse industry, the financial services profession does encounter a number of common challenges. In today’s blog, I will look at three of the most commonly discussed roadblocks and how Advicent solves for them.

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June 29, 2018 by Matt Marcum

The long-term value of early client touchpoints

Working as the Revenue Operations Lead, a big part of my job is finding new software to help our sales and marketing teams flourish. However, finding the best software fit can be extremely challenging.

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June 22, 2018 by Kyle Johnson

Taking our partner experience to the next level

Take a moment and think back to some of the best experiences of your life. Perhaps you are thinking about your wedding day or the birth of a child. Maybe you are thinking about your graduation or that really amazing vacation you took. Regardless of what comes to mind, I am confident that you are not thinking about that one time you bought new financial planning software. However, in the next few months, it is my goal to change that!

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June 22, 2018 by Kyria Branaugh

The importance of a process-driven practice

Firms of all sizes across the globe often struggle with inefficient processes, which can cause many other problems like decreased customer retention, lower prospect-to-client conversion rates, employee frustration, and more.

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June 7, 2018 by Tom Burmeister

The importance of scalability in financial planning software

This may sound obvious, but a one-size-fits-all approach to financial planning is not the best way to serve your clients. Every client has different needs, goals, and time horizons, meaning scalability is important for providing each client with the best advice possible.

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June 5, 2018 by Jeffrey de Ropp

Reporting best practices

Modern technology is often over-packed with features. If the tech is any good, at least some of those features are genuinely useful and have daily relevance.

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May 23, 2018 by Nathan Lukow

Talking to clients about data security

Regardless of the demographic, every investor is likely more attuned to data security issues in the wake of numerous current events. The European Union is about to enact a far-reaching tightening of data gathering regulations with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set to take effect on May 25.

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May 21, 2018 by Andy Penkalski

Video | Implementing change management with Advicent

Our professional services team provides world-class consulting services that enable your business to successfully adopt intuitive, supportable, and integrated financial planning solutions that align with your vision. At the core of our implementation strategy is a change management process that has been informed by decades of experience working with enterprise-level financial institutions.

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May 18, 2018 by Andy Penkalski

How do I start incorporating financial planning into my practice?

Leveraging financial planning in your practice can have a variety of positive benefits, including a unique value proposition, establishing a relationship with clients, cross-selling products, ensuring your advisors are acting in a fiduciary manner, and more; however, how do you go from a firm who historically has not engaged in these conversations to a new age, comprehensive planner?

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May 7, 2018 by Patrick Meyer

Winners of WealthTech: Angela Pecoraro

I recently spoke with Craig Iskowitz, founder and CEO of Ezra Group and author of the Winners of Tech blog, to take a deep dive into my experience within in the financial technology industry and lessons I have learned throughout my time as a contributor and leader of Advicent.

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April 25, 2018 by Angela Pecoraro

HNW retirees still need help from financial advisors

Wealthy retirees can present a unique opportunity for advisors looking to enhance their high-net-worth (HNW) strategy. They do not obtain a standard paycheck like other HNW clients, but they often have equally complex financial situations to navigate.

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April 23, 2018 by Katelyn Rattray

The art of owning a negotiation

As noted business researcher Chester L. Karrass once stated in one of his most renowned pieces, “In business as in life – you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.” Negotiation is truly more than just an act to reach an agreement; it is an art and a talent that can be incredibly hard to acquire.

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April 20, 2018 by Dylan Amick

Getting to know NaviPlan client reports

​You client has been dazzled by your presentations and financial recommendations, and all they need now is a document that captures all the information in an easy-to-read, referable document. Using NaviPlan client reports, you can provide a scalable, customizable report that is as unique as their financial life.

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April 16, 2018 by Alex Noonan

Work SMARTer, not harder

A new year typically means new goals for both financial advisors and their clients. Whether setting your own goals for your practice or helping clients set their financial goals, goal setting should meaningful.

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April 11, 2018 by Drew Butterfield

How technology streamlines your financial planning onboarding process

As a financial advisor, you want to make sure that you can deliver top-notch retirement advice in addition to an excellent client experience from onboarding and beyond. Utilizing financial planning software can help bridge the gap between you and your client as well as deliver a unique client experience throughout onboarding the process.

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April 9, 2018 by Jacob Erickson

Do not forget about Generation X

Generation X is now slated to have $22 trillion in investable assets by 2030, which is when the oldest within the cohort will hit retirement age. Here are some effective ways to appeal to Gen X to build relationships before this wealth transfer occurs.

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April 4, 2018 by Sean Marus

Should you charge for financial plans?

Within financial services, we should explore the diametrically opposed and seemingly mutually exclusive opinions advisors have on whether or not it makes sense to charge for financial plans.

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April 2, 2018 by Nathan Lukow

3 takeaways from the TD National LINC conference

In my 5 years with Advicent I have had the opportunity to attend many industry conferences. Earlier this year, I attended my second TD conference in Orlando. Here are a few things I learned during my time there.

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March 23, 2018 by Brian Sasaki

Are Millennials too trusting of robo-advice?

Millennials may need to be wary about their overreliance on robo-advice, as they appear to be investing with robo-advisors for a shorter period of time than those with traditional human advisors.

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March 19, 2018 by Matt Marcum

Refining your SEO strategy

The fact that improved SEO results generally manifest themselves over weeks or months rather than days makes adopting these practices equal parts frustrating and essential.

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March 12, 2018 by Andy Penkalski

Product update | NaviPlan 18.0 release

Our latest enhancements include new tax calculations to satisfy the changes made by the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and an "explore your options" functionality now available in the NaviPlan client portal.

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March 12, 2018 by John Heinen

3 key figures for advisors in 2018

In financial services, examining empirical statistics is the crux of major decision-making. With the first quarter coming to a close, here are three key statistics that will be paramount to advisors as they fine-tune their strategy for the remainder of the year.

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March 7, 2018 by Tyler McNaughton

Give your high-net-worth clients better insurance advice

High-net-worth clients could potentially use insurance to retain asset values or to reduce estate taxation needs. These individuals may not be aware of such benefits, which can offer a unique opportunity for the inclusion of insurance policies in their financial plans

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March 5, 2018 by Alex Noonan

Take control of your book of business

By combining the knowledge of an advisor with the robust ability of financial planning software, you are covering all your bases and, in most cases, uncovering new services.

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February 26, 2018 by Robert Gunther

Service every client with scalable financial technology

The rise of robo-advice and increased competition has made the ability to serve any client who walks through your door invaluable. With NaviPlan, the most flexible and accurate financial planning tool in the market, you can service any client by utilizing scalable features of varying complexity.

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February 21, 2018 by Alex Noonan

Client experience and the power of scalability

By prioritizing client needs and experience, Advicent offers a great technology stack to allow you to do everything that is required and be proud of the plan and roadmap that you provide for your clients.

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February 14, 2018 by Jacob Erickson

Is there "advice" in robo-advice?

As the dust has settled on the role of robo-advice, the use of the term “advice” is often a misnomer. In its current iteration, robo-advice is doing anything but providing advice.

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February 12, 2018 by Kyle Johnson

4 reasons to attend an industry tradeshow

With 2018 in full swing, many firms are still working to finalize their budget for the remainder of the year. Attending an industry tradeshow, however, should be a priority when considering budget restrictions.

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February 9, 2018 by Jenna Diemer

Financial planning is not just portfolio management

With 15 years of experience in the industry, I have had many conversations on the topic of financial planning. In many cases, there is a misconception that financial planning is synonymous with portfolio management.

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February 5, 2018 by Shawn Preisler

3 common questions from high-net-worth prospects

More often than not, HNW individuals will have three main questions before picking the financial professional that is right for them. Advisors must be prepared to answer the following questions when working to convert prospects into long-term clients.

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January 29, 2018 by Dylan Amick

3 FinTech tools financial advisors should be embracing

What sets you apart from your competition? With the arrival of the robo-advisor, what are both high-net-worth and mass affluent investors looking for from an advisor? These are the technology tools all advisors should be embracing.

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January 19, 2018 by Charles Jacques

Catering to high-earning Millennials

While it may not be the most exciting topic for most Americans, providing debt management and budgeting advice for your clients may provide and unlikely avenue into financially serving high earning Millennials.

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January 10, 2018 by Matt Marcum

A letter regarding recent global technology vulnerabilities

In light of the recently discovered processor vulnerabilities – colloquially being referred to as Meltdown and Spectre by news outlets – Advicent would like to clarify that we are meticulously tracking the implications of both security flaws and that we remain unwavering in our commitment to your organization’s data security.

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January 10, 2018 by Lee Laboy

Top 5 wealth management trends in 2018

The financial services industry experienced many shifts and regulations changes in 2017. As financial professionals navigate their way through effects of last year’s trends, the financial services and FinTech industries show no signs of slowing down this year.

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January 3, 2018 by Alex Peter

A letter regarding the recent U.S. tax legislation

Like most Americans, all of us at Advicent have been paying close attention to the possible outcomes of Congress' recently proposed tax code legislation. As indicated by the unrivaled calculation engine that powers our software, we pride ourselves on accuracy. Because of this, we chose to refrain from comment until any finalized legislation was ready to clear both houses.

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December 20, 2017 by John Heinen

Scared money makes no money

Here are some of the things financial professionals should discuss in order to take the fear out of making money.

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December 20, 2017 by Logan Lee

What to know about working with high-net-worth clients

As a financial advisor, you know the role that high-net-worth (HNW) and ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) clientele can play in your success. Working with clients who are worth over $1 million in liquid assets can provide a lot of opportunity due to their amount of wealth and their more substantial need for financial advice to match.

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December 6, 2017 by Dylan Amick

What advisors need to know about bitcoin

Bitcoin has made waves in the news recently due to the extremely high price it is fetching and the wild price swings it is going through. It is likely that your clients are wondering how bitcoin functions and what exactly drives its price.

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December 1, 2017 by Kyle Johnson

Millennials do not want robo-advice

Many financial advice experts claim that the next generation of investors want digitized robo-advice. However, contrary to this belief, the majority of Millennials do not want robo-advice; what they really want is your service.

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November 29, 2017 by Sean Marus

Does charging for a financial plan even make sense?

Charging for financial plans is a business model that a relatively small minority of advisors has been using for years, but the concept has really taken off since the introduction of the DOL fiduciary rule in 2015.

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November 20, 2017 by Nathan Lukow

How to attract high-net-worth clients

For advisors looking to attract HNW clients to their business, it is vital that they have a plan set in place instead of hoping for them to walk through their door on their own.

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November 17, 2017 by Sean Marus

3 key ways to leverage holistic financial plans

In addition to the revenue stream generated by plans themselves, here are three key ways that advisors leverage holistic financial plans provide to — and extract value from — their clients.

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November 13, 2017 by Nathan Lukow

Leveraging Advicent learning material

The Learning Centers in our applications provide you with a diverse assortment of documentation that include basic step-by-step processes, detailed breakdowns of internal calculation processes, video guides, and more.

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November 8, 2017 by Alex Noonan

Improving conversion rates by tracking metrics

Whether you define success as additional product sales or a higher percentage of potential clients granting you assets to manage, tracking is the first step in understanding the ROI of our tools.

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November 6, 2017 by Kyle Johnson

Automating client communication

Client communication is very important in today’s financial planning world, and communication between advisors and their clients is simply not happening enough.

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November 3, 2017 by Jacob Erickson

The time to implement a hybrid advice model is now

According to EY, more than half of all clients expect digital will be the primary channel within two to three years for advice, education, and service. Digital has permeated nearly every other facet of consumerism, and financial services is no different. Enter robo-advisors, stage right.

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November 1, 2017 by Katelyn Rattray

Financial planning is for all client segments

While clients who have amassed large amounts of assets can certainly benefit from financial planning services, other client segments should not be excluded from the planning process.

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October 25, 2017 by Shawn Preisler

3 things to consider amid legislative uncertainty

Significant legislative changes — like that of the potential 401(k) overhaul — will fundamentally alter the way that investors and their advisors approach retirement funding. In light of an uncertain legislative future, how will you work with your clients to ensure they stay on track for their goals?

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October 23, 2017 by Sean Marus

Leveraging Adult Learning Theory to improve client meetings

Whether you are teaching the basics of a software or trying to help clients understand the importance of their financial plan, teaching theories still ring true. Here are a few common aspects of Adult Learning Theory that you can easily apply to have more impactful client meetings.

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October 18, 2017 by Kyria Branaugh

Amazon, Whole Foods, and financial services technology

At Advicent, we see our API library as the future for enterprise organizations who want to deliver more meaningful financial advice. Just as Whole Foods will leverage Amazon Web Services, enterprise firms who partner with Advicent will leverage API technology to create a better consumer experience.

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October 16, 2017 by Sean Marus

The forgotten flash crash and how advisors can learn from it

When the madness that inherently coincides with investing runs rampant, that is when the true value of a knowledgeable financial advisor becomes evident. As a financial professional, knowing the past — and how the public reacted to it — will help you assert yourself as an invaluable asset to your clients’ lives.

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October 13, 2017 by Sean Marus

The DOL fiduciary rule: Both sides of the coin

There has been a great deal of debate over the years regarding the DOL fiduciary rule. Recently, full implementation of all elements of the rule was delayed to July 1, 2019 while the ruling is under review.

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October 11, 2017 by Brett Coffelt

5 takeaways from the XYPN conference

I had the opportunity to represent Advicent at the XYPN Conference in Dallas. It was a phenomenal experience to be able to rub shoulders with other vendors, learn from the speakers, and talk with many industry experts on where they see the industry going.

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October 2, 2017 by Zach Weidman

Your clients are not financial advisors

As a financial advisor, the things you think are interesting and the ways you interpret and absorb information are entirely different from those of your clients.

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September 25, 2017 by Nathan Lukow

3 benefits of having a centralized planning process

Advisors have their time maxed out by trying to capture new business, meet the needs of existing clients, and dealing with the disruption of DOL fiduciary rule. Advisors do not have the ability to spend a significant amount of time on planning processes.

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September 20, 2017 by Allison Sobek

Finding success through buyer personas

Knowing the buyer is critical to the success of your business because the business can make effective decisions based upon the ultimate boss: the customer.

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September 18, 2017 by Kyle Johnson

Dealing with the DOL distraction

Try using this simple three-step process to evaluate what changes your firm could easily make to be positioned for success regardless if the DOL rule lives or dies.

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September 15, 2017 by Shawn Preisler

A vision for the advisor firm of the future

Almost every industry is undergoing a sort of metamorphosis, whether it is automation in manufacturing, home delivery meal kits, or stores that automate the checkout process; these are all driven by the consumer revolution.

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September 13, 2017 by Alex Peter

Eliminating indecision for your prospects

Difficulty in making decisions for a consumer can generally be attributed to the amount of available options, social pressure, and time. Here is how you can use this information to your advantage to preemptively address indecision that may face potential prospects.

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September 11, 2017 by Sean Marus

3 financial planning myths debunked

Many Americans may be hesitant to reach out to seek the aid of a financial advisor. This is not necessarily a reflection of the advisor, but rather a byproduct of commonplace misconceptions about financial planning.

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September 6, 2017 by Brian Sasaki

Financial illiteracy is plaguing young adults

Financial illiteracy in young adults will affect how they chose to handle their finances. It is paramount for advisors to understand the shortcomings of young adults in financial literacy so that they may better cater to their needs.

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September 1, 2017 by Liz Baumann

It is time to re-evaluate your mission statement

Advisors need to start thinking about what they value about their own time and experience. How do your people drive your firm’s mission? What makes your expertise so much more valuable? How is your level of service so different from your competition?

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August 28, 2017 by Matt Marcum

Sparking innovation with APIs

Advicent hackathon participants were able to quickly and easily find ways to use our financial planning APIs to build unique and innovative solutions.

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August 25, 2017 by Brian Kutmas

Maintaining high-touch communication with clients

As an advisor, it is easy to make the connection that the more communication you have with your client, the more top of mind you remain with the client and the more likely you will uncover opportunities to help your client with their financial needs.

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August 21, 2017 by Tyler McNaughton

Balancing personalization and efficiency

As advisors are pushed to take on more clients and provide each client with a more personalized experience, time efficiency in providing personalization becomes of paramount importance.

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August 18, 2017 by Kyle Johnson

Client communication: As easy as ABC

Now that all financial advisors dealing with retirement accounts are legally obligated to act as fiduciaries, advisors are now tasked with finding new ways to set themselves apart from the pack.

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August 14, 2017 by Sean Marus

The top robo-advisor trends to watch

Many human advisors and firms began to feel threatened by this self-directed, digital alternative to financial advice, but trends within the robo-advice market are demonstrating that this concern may not be necessary.

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August 4, 2017 by Katelyn Rattray

Hidden obstacles in finance for women

With a significant amount of women not saving enough for retirement, let us examine some other challenges that women face in regards to their finances.

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July 26, 2017 by Amanda Arient

Personalizing your marketing approach

There is a widespread need for financial advice, and with many competitors in the market, it is important to make the client feel like more than just another number.

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July 21, 2017 by Dylan Amick

Do not fall in love with your plan

One methodology often used in software development is called “Scrum,” and it includes planning short durations of work, and then getting feedback from users and taking a retrospective approach as to what can be improved from the previous iteration.

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July 14, 2017 by Brenna Daley

6 ways to do a better job at educating your clients

Many clients look to their advisors as a source of information and financial life coach, rather than simply a person who manages their money. It is imperative that advisors proactively provide access to a client’s financial plan as well as relevant, educational information to increase a client’s overall financial literacy.

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July 5, 2017 by Katelyn Rattray

Evaluating ROI in FinTech solutions

As much pressure as you may feel to step up your digital game, it is important to remember a simple question that can dictate your business decisions: will I make money by investing in this technology?

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June 27, 2017 by Patrick Meyer

Millennials are not the problem

Whether it is banking, wealth management, or any other number of financial service solution providers, Millennials are seen as underutilizing these services.

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June 16, 2017 by Alex Peter

3 ways to enhance your client experience

Client expectations are changing; therefore, your client experience must evolve with them. Use the three strategies below to start enhancing your client experience today.

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June 1, 2017 by Katelyn Rattray

Women in finance

When advisors ask about their clients, they typically ask about the husband. Although this is not an odd setting for a software company, it concerned me; so I started asking questions. Why are not more women working in finance? Where are the women investors?

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May 30, 2017 by Amanda Arient

Does your client know what a fiduciary is?

According to a recent survey from Financial Engines, only 32 percent of Americans have heard about the Department of Labor (DOL) fiduciary rule. From the same survey, only 21 percent of respondents said they definitively knew the difference between a financial advisor who identifies as a fiduciary and one who does not.

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May 26, 2017 by Sean Marus

Financial planning technology and the DOL fiduciary rule

Alexander Acosta recently announced that the DOL fiduciary rule will not be delayed any further. Since the wealth management industry has been focusing on this for so long, I will paraphrase it: The DOL fiduciary rule is coming fast

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May 24, 2017 by Alex Peter

A clear path ahead for the DOL fiduciary rule

Alexander Acosta, the new Secretary of Labor, confirmed on May 22 that the Department of Labor (DOL) Conflict of Interest – Fiduciary Rule will go into effect as planned on June 9 after months of uncertainty regarding implementation of the rule.

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May 23, 2017 by Sean Marus

Helping your clients "spring clean" their financial plans

Although the financial plan may have made perfect sense when it was started, life happens, things can fall out of whack, and priorities change. As an advisor, you can remind your clients of this; touch base and keep the plan relevant.

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May 19, 2017 by Steph Kotlarek

Prepare for cybersecurity before it becomes a problem

Imagine that you are updating a client’s financial plan and suddenly the computer screen goes blank. A message appears demanding a $10,000 ransom paid within the hour or else the entire hard drive will be erased.

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May 18, 2017 by Justin Kuepper

What advisors can learn from Google's guide to teens

Google recently published an expectedly thorough report on the preferences of the modern teen. Generated via several surveys coordinated with YouGov, the aptly titled It's Lit: A guide to what teens think is cool" identifies superficial trends in cultural facets.

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May 17, 2017 by Andy Penkalski

Standing out in a sea of many

One of the biggest sales challenges that financial services firms face today is a way to differentiate themselves in a crowd of hundreds of other firms that offer a very similar service. However, many firms would argue that it is not the service that differentiates you, but the way that you deliver the service.

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May 15, 2017 by Brandin Arndt

Are you targeting the right Millennials?

It might be time to consider making a distinction when talking about millennials. As New York Magazine points out, millennials seem to be splitting themselves into two categories: "Old Millennials" and "Young Millennials."

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May 12, 2017 by Matt Marcum

Preparing for the great wealth transfer

$30 trillion in assets will shift hands over the next few decades and yet as little as 2 percent of children stay with their parent’s advisor. If your firm currently has a majority of clients in late stages of retirement, it is important to have a strategy in place to prepare for the transfer of wealth.

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May 11, 2017 by Joanna Mesirow

Managing change in your firm

Economic changes and business conditions are ever-changing the landscape of how companies need to meet their client demands. When implementing new policies, procedures, and best practices, organizations are faced with change management.

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May 8, 2017 by Marquis Pantel

How Advicent software empowers advisors

In the world of software development, developing a well-rounded, useful piece of software requires creating an experience that allows the user to easily gain from engaging with it. There are three major aspects involved in creating a good client experience: a clean and familiar user interface, a workflow that is easy to understand, and the ability to follow the workflow successfully.

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April 28, 2017 by Sarah Koallick

Q&A with Advicent Innovation Summit New York speaker Paolo Sironi

Paolo Sironi is a global thought leader at IBM Watson Financial Services. He is a recognized author on topics such as quantitative finance and innovation, demonstrating international expertise in investment management, risk management, and corporate banking.

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April 25, 2017 by Katelyn Rattray

The inefficiency of the client-advisor relationship

I have spent a great deal of time meeting with advisors to determine how our planning technology fits with their firms. Whether I am working with a trust department at a bank or an RIA with a $5 million minimum, I always start the conversation by trying to get an understanding of where new prospects come from and what steps are taken to convert those prospects into profitable clients.

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April 24, 2017 by Nathan Lukow

A letter from Advicent CEO Angela Pecoraro

I want to thank you for your business and partnership. We recognize that you have a choice in financial planning software providers and appreciate the trust you have put in Advicent to support the financial health and well-being of your clients.

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April 21, 2017 by Angela Pecoraro

Improving your firm's client experience

Advisors are experiencing increased competition from online firms, low cost index funds, robo advisors, and more. Subsequently, advisors need to do more to stand out from the crowd and find ways to truly differentiate their practice from the competition by offering an enhanced client experience.

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April 20, 2017 by Shawn Preisler

Making tax season simpler

It is that time of the year again. For CPAs and other advisors that do any sort of tax planning, March and April represent an extremely busy time of the year, packed with meetings and harping on clients to locate and share important financial documents.

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April 17, 2017 by Matt Marcum

Planning for success: The importance of setting goals

92 percent of people never achieve their New Year’s resolutions. Furthermore, one out of four people make the same resolution every year. These facts certainly make you wonder: Why are we so bad at achieving our goals?

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April 12, 2017 by Kyria Branaugh

Improving your client experience

In financial services, retail, or nearly any other industry, a core focus should be placed on delivering a superior client experience.

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April 6, 2017 by Derek Semenas

Consumer demands and the DOL fiduciary rule

Consumer demands force businesses to perform in a specific manner to acquire their business. Regardless of the DOL fiduciary rule going into effect, clients now expect their advisors to provide them with advice that is compliant with the fiduciary standard.

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April 5, 2017 by Kyle Johnson

3 oversights from advisors regarding client experience

Knowing your audience is paramount in any industry that provides customer service, caters to client experiences, or looks to sell a product. The better you know who you are selling to or delivering service to, the easier it is to put yourself in their shoes.

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March 31, 2017 by Zach Weidman

Rapid client onboarding with Narrator Clients powered by NaviPlan

When we begin development of a new tool or functionality, we receive feedback from both prospects and our current users. Through our research process, we learned that there was an opportunity to facilitate a rapid client onboarding experience through our software.

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March 27, 2017 by Alex Peter

The importance of a first meeting plan

When talking to advisors, I consistently hear that when a client is first onboarding, there are multiple meetings between the initial meeting and when the first plan is delivered.

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March 24, 2017 by Patrick Meyer

3 ways to combat fee compression

Over the past decade, many advisors have chosen to begin making the switch from a commission-based book of business, and have begun doing more fee-based work.

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March 22, 2017 by Shawn Preisler

The public perception of the DOL fiduciary rule

When discussing the potential impact of the DOL fiduciary rule being delayed with my wife, she pointed out that the term “fiduciary” may not be seeping into the public sphere as much as I thought.

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March 20, 2017 by Matt Marcum

How financial advisors can harness their value proposition

Value propositions are more important than ever for financial advisors. Show your clients and prospects what you can do beyond their perceived “norm” for financial advisors. Play the challenger: ask a client if they’ve received professional guidance in an area they probably haven’t considered asking you about.

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March 15, 2017 by Tom Burmeister

Creating a client experience that adds to your value proposition

Amid shifting fiduciary standards and the proliferation of robo-advice, it is increasingly difficult to attract prospects and retain clients. Providing your clients with a tailor-made experience from the earliest stages of the relationship can significantly increase client retention.

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March 13, 2017 by Sean Marus

Integrating your business operations with ours

In my role, I have the opportunity to participate in internal strategy calls to discuss how we will provide value to our clients and prospects. The prospects that we engage with have voiced concerns regarding the calculation engines, tax data update schedules, adoption rates of user portals, and the ability to showcase their unique value proposition with their current technology stack.

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March 8, 2017 by Alex Peter

Establishing trust within the Millennial hive mind

Plenty of words have been drummed up on our blog over the last year concerning how financial planners will best capture the emerging Millennial market as automated competition continues to penetrate the industry well before an estimated $30 trillion in AUM transfers generations.

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March 2, 2017 by Andy Penkalski

Cold calling isn’t dead, financial advisors just aren't doing it right

Once a financial advisor gets on the phone, the majority of calls often go wrong because they do not have the proper steps of cold calling completed well. Every meeting I have ever set from a cold call included at least four of the following steps, and the best representatives I ever coached did all five consistently.

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March 1, 2017 by Patrick Hannon

The DOL fiduciary rule and client experience

The anticipation of the Department of Labor fiduciary rule is still top of mind for those in the financial services industry. Is it possible that compliance, regulation, and the governing of this industry have taken the back seat for years?

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February 24, 2017 by Logan Lee

Jobs, robots, and the advisor of tomorrow

Conversations about jobs—how they have been lost and whether they can be restored—dominated the public discourse in 2016. All signs indicate that this topic will continue to be important for the foreseeable future as well.

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February 23, 2017 by Andrew King

DOL rule Trump’d during TD conference

Takeaways were vast after attending the TD Ameritrade LINC conference earlier in February. There were many discussions regarding various topics, but the highpoints seemed to be technology, integration, client experience, and broadening your value proposition.

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February 20, 2017 by Zach Weidman

Infographic | Payment Services Directive 2 jargon cheat sheet

The FinTech industry is flooded with news and content that contain a lot of financial jargon. Much of this content does not come from “native” financial professionals but rather marketers, mathematicians, developers, and creatives that have brought something new to the table.

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February 20, 2017 by Dorien van der Linden

Enhancing your sales process: Do you truly know your clients?

As a sales professional and leader for a decade and a half, one of the most important lessons I have learned is that you have two ears and one mouth. The days of the typical sales process are over in which the consumer speaks with a salesperson to explain their problem and the salesperson determines a solution.

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February 17, 2017 by Brad Joudrie

The importance of planning ahead

Many people will tell you that it is important to always be planning ahead in life. This applies to many aspects of life, but it really just boils down to being prepared for whatever may come next.

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February 15, 2017 by Dan Pappas

What is your firm's digital footprint?

How much thought have you given to your digital footprint and digital strategy? Most advisors and financial institutions agree that online brand identity is important, but the extent to which it plays a role when consumers decide with whom to work may surprise you.

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February 8, 2017 by Matt Marcum

The Advicent position on the future of the DOL fiduciary rule

We have been closely monitoring the new Conflict of Interest Rule from the Department of Labor (DOL) since its first draft more than six years ago. This rule, much like similar legislation found across Europe, Australia, Canada, and elsewhere, was written in order to protect citizens (investors) from conflicts of interest when purchasing investment products — specifically in regards to retirement.

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February 3, 2017 by Katelyn Rattray

The future of FinTech in the midst of increasing regulation

With Donald Trump now officially in office, many wondering what the future will hold, not only for our country but for our industry. Specifically, many people have questions regarding the policies and regulation that will be put in place moving forward.

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February 1, 2017 by Jen Mysliwicz

What a new NAFTA may mean for Canadian investors in 2017

The past year has been a boon for regulatory changes in the North American financial services industry. The Investment Industry Association of Canada implemented the final phase of its Client Relationship Model (CRM) framework in July.

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January 27, 2017 by Andy Penkalski

3 simple steps to set yourself up for success in 2017

As one year closes and another year begins, I see advisors who fall into one of two categories. The first category is advisors that kick their feet up and enjoy the holiday with the families. The second category is advisors that do not take any extra time off because they do not feel they can get everything done.

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January 23, 2017 by Patrick Meyer

Grow your revenue with process and software

When looking at a bank or wealth management firm’s corporate structure, financial advising is classified as a sales function under the corporate organization chart. Managers of financial advisors are accountable for generating revenue in the most efficient way possible.

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January 20, 2017 by Kyle Johnson

Your 2017 technology New Year’s resolutions

With every new year, people tend to make New Year’s resolutions. Some of these are simple to achieve such as giving up soda or candy. Sometimes these goals are complex and may take the whole year like losing weight or making a lifestyle change.

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January 18, 2017 by Zach Weidman

Refrigerators communicating with financial plans and more

Predictions in the technology industry are generally futile. Technology is unpredictable, and in the fintech industry, even more so. We experienced a great deal of change in 2016, and should expect further excitement in 2017. But before we get into my predictions, I would like to preface this commentary by pointing out two things: Brexit and president-elect Trump.

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January 16, 2017 by Anthony Stich

Top 5 wealth management trends in 2017

In 2016, we saw a lot of industry changes and the formation of other future trends including robo-advisors, uncertainty about the DOL fiduciary standard, new technology emerging, and more.

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January 13, 2017 by Alex Peter

Emergency funds: saving for a snowy day

Picture this: It is a snowy December morning in Wisconsin. You are headed off to work for the day, thinking of all the tasks you know must be completed first thing.

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January 9, 2017 by Makanzie Kubale

The everyday power of automation

Computers excel at completing repetitive and routine tasks. They can be much more accurate than a human and are typically much faster too.

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December 28, 2016 by Chris Dykstra

3 ways to stop confusing clients with financial jargon

Communicating complex information to an audience with little prior knowledge is a daunting task. This is especially true when working with clients new to financial terminology and concepts in an industry filled with specific jargon.

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December 26, 2016 by Brenna Daley

Tech trends: open source software

Open source software is one of the latest phenomena in software development. Open source software, the opposite of proprietary software, is exposed to the public for the world to see.

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December 9, 2016 by Kyle Johnson

DOL or not, there is a new fiduciary standard expectation

After the 2016 presidential election, results showed a win for the Trump/Pence ticket and control of both houses of Congress by Republicans. With these results, there seems to be a renewed optimism among some financial industry insiders that the DOL Conflict of Interest Rule could be repealed or significantly revised.

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December 8, 2016 by Matt Marcum

10 tips to share with clients to maximize their holiday shopping

The day after Thanksgiving is the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season, commonly known Black Friday. The holiday season is a crucial point for most retailers with 30 percent of annual retail sales occurring between Black Friday and Christmas.

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November 29, 2016 by Kyria Branaugh

5 ways to add positivity to your sales process

I recently shared a link to an article that my sister wrote called “Positivity Is Key.” She hits on a lot of important points in regards to having control over our outlook on life, especially during difficult times.

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November 23, 2016 by Jen Mysliwicz

[VIDEO] Leveraging Advicent technology in your DOL compliance strategies

No single software solution can completely ensure that an advisor or firm will not be subject to investigation or litigation. Due to the complexity of the client-advisor-firm relationship, there will be situations where decisions and recommendations are that made outside of established workflows are called into question.

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November 22, 2016 by Alex Peter

Lessons from the greatest sports dynasties

Running a small business is difficult — especially in the financial services industry with sweeping regulation changes, shifting client expectation, and new technology popping up every year.

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November 17, 2016 by Patrick Meyer

[VIDEO] Leveraging technology for DOL compliance success

The Department of Labor (DOL) has set a new standard for advisors by redefining who qualifies as a fiduciary. New objectives aim to ensure that advisors are always putting the best interests of their clients first, and reduces conflicts of interest for advisors by increasing fee disclosures.

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November 16, 2016 by Katelyn Rattray

How to track your marketing efforts

There are many ways to keep an eye on your marketing efforts. Some of the most common means of tracking those efforts are wrapped in a high-level attribution system that consists of a Google Analytics code, goals, and UTM parameters.

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November 11, 2016 by Kyle Johnson

Why client trust is important as a financial play-caller

Falling on the same day as a shockingly low-scoring professional football game, an equally shocking 60 Minutes interview with Jeff Rubin regarding the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) took place on October 23, 2016.

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November 8, 2016 by Jason Pickart

Advicent around the world: Mortgage Week 2016

For many advisors and other financial industry professionals, conferences and tradeshows quickly fill the calendar as the year progresses. These events have become as much an exhibition of human ingenuity and technological advances as an informative networking platform.

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November 4, 2016 by Katelyn Rattray

Software development vs. financial planning: an unexpected comparison

Here at Advicent we wear many hats, including those related to financial planning and those related to software development. We have great people who fill both of these roles – some experts in one or the other, some experts in both. Combining the two is what is needed in order to remain effective in the FinTech industry.

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November 2, 2016 by Joey Dieringer

Why NaviPlan adds value to your practice

In today’s age, there is an abundance of tools that advisors can use to help make their job a bit easier. However, this can be very overwhelming if an advisor is just getting started in the world of financial planning software.

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November 1, 2016 by Adrian Moreno

[Video] Enterprise software implementation

Advicent has decades of experience with enterprise software implementation and is continuously enahncing our offerings to ensure firms can provide the best possible digital client experience.

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October 28, 2016 by Pietro La Greca

The Conflict of Interest Rule: a lesson from the UK and Aviva

Many people argue that the new Conflict of Interest Rule by the Department of Labor was inspired by the Retail Distribution Review (in the United Kingdom) which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). In fact, Advicent has written about this in the past and do feel that the similarity between the two regulations are uncanny.

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October 26, 2016 by Anthony Stich

Revenue vs AUM: Rethinking how to charge your clients

Many advisors struggle to find prospects and qualify individuals that would be a good fit for the advising they offer. As it turns out, many advisors may be imposing too many restrictions on themselves without even realizing on what they are missing out.

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October 24, 2016 by Dan Pappas

Financial responsibility: saving sooner than later

“I wish I had saved more and started saving earlier.” 52 percent of individuals 55-64 years old say they wish they had started saving sooner. Additionally, 47 percent said they wish they had saved more.

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October 13, 2016 by Sean Marus

7 tips for young clients who want to travel

As a newly married couple, my husband and I have heard the same piece of advice from many older couples: “Travel more.” However, planning a trip can be very intimidating financially, which is probably why those couples chose not to travel as much.

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October 12, 2016 by Martha Collins

Discussing impacts of the presidential election on financial plans

The 2016 presidential race has been a whirlwind of insults and scandal thus far. With the election right around the corner, advisors need to keep in mind that presidential elections are always an important time for our country and the election outcome may affect the financial plans of clients.

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October 11, 2016 by Alex Becker

Preparing for year-end client meetings

We are in the last quarter of 2016, and many advisors are preparing themselves to set up those year-end client meetings to make sure their financial life is still on track. Making sure advisors and clients are on the same page will be of value when 2017 planning begins.

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October 7, 2016 by Tony Velasquez

[Video] Creating a business plan for 2017

Fourth quarter is an important time to create your business plan for the year to come. Many of you keep track of your business plan in your head, but creating a written business plan is important because it creates actionable goals.

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September 29, 2016 by Kyle Johnson

Prince’s lack of estate planning turns into a royal pain

The recent death of musical legend Prince has left us with many questions, most with respect to the current absence of any will or estate plan. How can somebody whose life was elaborately planned and purposeful not leave behind a will or plan for his estate?

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September 28, 2016 by Erik Ortega

Gettin’ jiggy with LPL Focus

I recently had the opportunity to attend the LPL Focus conference in San Diego, California. I would like to start out by thanking our hosts for the opportunity to attend (it was our first time) and for their hospitality.

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September 26, 2016 by Dave Kirkeby

Catering to next generation clients

The next generation of financial planning clients are commonly overlooked by today's advisors. Many clients under 40 are pulled and stretched in a number of different ways for financial advice due to all of the options our digital world provides to manage finances.

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September 21, 2016 by Brady Field

3 tips for clients who want to supplement their income

I have the great pleasure of being surrounded by people that strive to be successful, both financially and in their career. Sometimes the two go hand-in-hand, other times one has to suffer at the expense of the other.

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September 15, 2016 by Tia Love

4 things to pack in your FinTech backpack

A new school year starting, another summer drawing to a close, students heading back to school, young couples moving into their first apartment, and concerts galore.

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September 14, 2016 by Jen Mysliwicz

Tech trends: Bitcoin, Blockchain, banks, and financial advisors

Advisors and banks have all heard a lot about Bitcoin. To the untrained eye, Bitcoin is a currency that represents an investment vehicle. But what if I told you that Bitcoin’s biggest impact will be to change all financial transactions from simply buying stocks to financial derivative trades?

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September 8, 2016 by Kyle Johnson

Infographic | Handling the college debt crisis

With more and more people completing higher education and taking on staggering amounts of college debt, Millennials are scrambling to find ways to pay off the education for which they worked so hard.

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September 1, 2016 by Katelyn Rattray

Avoiding awkward conversations about spending habits

One of the challenges that many firms experience is that their clients have spending habits that go directly against what their financial plan states they should be doing in order to achieve the goals outlined in their plan.

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August 18, 2016 by Shawn Preisler

Lessons on client engagement... from Pokémon GO?

You may have noticed many more people than normal out and about lately, heads tilted down, glued to their phones. Chances are you have played or have seen someone playing the latest mobile game craze, Pokémon GO.

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July 22, 2016 by Addison Faul

[Video] The value of APIs

Financial planning software and tools have traditionally been built as closed systems; however, as the need for client interaction with financial plans and advice becomes more critical, financial planning software is adapting by utilizing an open architecture that organizations can use in their digital strategies.

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July 18, 2016 by Andrew King

[Video] Narrator Clients from Advicent

The digital movement of financial technology is disrupting the current market in more ways than imagined. Applications can scale and touch millions of users overnight. This is creating a demand in the market to push their interactions with clients and prospects to leverage technology like never before.

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July 11, 2016 by Katelyn Rattray

Is moderation the key to success?

The first professional training I experienced after The University of Minnesota was Dale Carnegie. After twelve 4-hour sessions, what I remember most is the phrase “rest before you get tired."

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July 6, 2016 by Loren Brockhouse

Account aggregation and DOL rule compliance

The hottest topic on this year’s financial advisor conference agenda has been the DOL’s fiduciary rule. One of the cornerstones of the DOL rule involves an examination of a client’s entire financial picture when delivering advice.

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June 27, 2016 by Tom Burmeister

Stress test: the importance of longevity planning

A successful playoff hockey team is comprised of sharpshooters, big hitters, and hot goalies. In the same way, a successful retirement plan outlines effective strategies in various areas such as saving, cash flow, and asset allocation.

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June 23, 2016 by Katelyn Rattray

Pension lump sum or annuitization?

There are many things to consider when deciding whether to annuitize a pension or take a lump sum. It is important to understand your clients fixed expense landscape.

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June 22, 2016 by Katelyn Rattray

DOL fiduciary rule: Why trust someone who does not do what is best for you?

When I was 16 years old, I remember going to a car dealer with a price range in mind and a vague idea of what car I wanted to walk away with. I was so excited to get my very own car and enjoy the freedom of owning one. Little did I know, buying a car—a used one at that—can be very overwhelming to a new buyer.

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June 9, 2016 by Alex Peter

The Narrator story: telling your story

The Narrator® line is the newest in the Advicent product suite. Originally, Narrator was part of Figlo® and was originally labeled as Figlo Studio. For the purpose of conciseness, this article will focus on the different products in the Narrator line, as well as how they fit in the market.

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June 3, 2016 by Alex Peter

The Figlo story: an international journey

Financial planning software has a long-running history that is as extensive as any industry. However, few are aware of the significant impact that international innovations have had on this history and the effects that will be felt in the coming years.

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May 25, 2016 by Don Breber

4 reasons APIs help establish your brand

If you are an independent financial planner, part of a team of financial planners, or even an enterprise organization, then listen up: the upcoming release of a web-based application programming interface (API) for NaviPlan® from Advicent will help companies and advisors to create a better financial planning experience for their clients, through technology customized for their specific company. So why is this solution right for you?

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April 12, 2016 by Adeline Gerritts

Utilizing technology to comply with the DOL rule

The sporadic weather in Wisconsin and the rest of the Midwest is no surprise to anyone this time of year. This past weekend, we had a snow storm in Milwaukee, and then I was wearing shorts and laying in my hammock two days later.

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April 7, 2016 by Alex Peter

5 ways to create a positive work environment

Working in the financial industry, there is a lot of pressure to meet the needs and expectations of all your clients. Sometimes, the gravity of the influence we have on the lives of clients is shocking to me.

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March 28, 2016 by Kyria Branaugh

Effects of the fiduciary rule on retirement planning

The Department of Labor (DOL) announced that it is planning to undertake a “long-term research study to develop a panel that will track U.S. households over several years in order to collect data and answer important research questions on how retirement planning strategies and decisions evolve over time.” In its request for comments published in the Federal Register, the DOL noted, “Relatively little is known about how people make planning and financial decisions before and during retirement.”

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March 14, 2016 by Tom Burmeister

eBook | 6 ways to foster growth in 2016

Download our eBook today to learn more about how you can grow your existing client base, develop and nurture new prospects, and meet your 2016 objectives with six simple, actionable steps.

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February 19, 2016 by Adeline Gerritts

Balancing financial robo-technology and personal touch

Robo-advice has dominated headlines in the financial industry, with some predicting that the online advice market could reach $500 billion by 2020. These headlines are catching the eye of both FINRA and the SEC as well.

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February 19, 2016 by Tom Burmeister

5 takeaways from the 2016 AICPA conference

The January 2016 AICPA Advanced Personal Financial Planning Conference was a great opportunity to learn more about where the industry is headed and show off the financial planning solutions from Advicent at our new booth.

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February 1, 2016 by Brian Sasaki

Digital advisors in 2016 and beyond

In 2016, the digital advisor space will experience rapid growth with the release of many new proprietary technology solutions. According to Financial Planning, “one-third of financial advisors believe that technology will be the primary force that drives industry innovation.”

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January 12, 2016 by Cory Olson

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