3 content marketing resolutions for advisors

January 6, 2017 by Andy Penkalski

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Andy Penkalski

Director, marketing

Andy oversees the breadth of go-to-market initiatives for Advicent, including product marketing, lead generation, public relations, and partner learning and development. He is interested in always discovering new tools for brands and businesses to more effectively reach their audience and improve metrics for success within their own organization.

With the new year upon us, many advisors are likely finalizing their business plans for a year that will require a more surgical focus than in the past. Thanks to impending regulatory changes in the U.S. market, some advisor revenue sources may contribute less to their historic share of profits. It also means much of ancillary 2017 spends for smaller shops rightfully placed a higher premium on compliance navigation than AUM growth. Fortunately, there are avenues to gain exposure for your business without adding exuberant spends to your 2017 business plan. Here are our content marketing resolutions for advisors in 2017:

1. I will be a thought leader for my clients and prospects.

While digital ad spends and marketing automation tools can carry a significant barrier cost for independent financial advisors, a content marketing calendar can be an affordable reputation builder for your business. It's just important to know where you can find the most fertile ground for inquiring minds. While resolving to start a blog in 2017 can be a hollow initiative if you're just shouting in a vacuum, there's several active web destinations to engage potential clients on their preexisting concerns. Investopedia, a financial news and education site, offers an Advisor Insights portal to its readers, which allows anyone to field specific financial questions to the portal's network of participating advisors at no cost.

2. I will meet my clients where they want to be met.

Similar to Investopedia, the next generation of investors continue to crowd-source research on their personal finance while not realizing a proper financial plan may be the long-term solution to many of their short-term problems. Popular news aggregators and community boards like Reddit® boast active networks of everyday people raising their hands for financial advice. The Reddit® Personal Finance community boasts 9.1 million subscribers and covers a breadth of topics from retirement goals to tax navigation. As the next generation of clients continues to place a lower premium on geography for such information gathering, fostering reputation and relationships no longer needs to start and stop at your state's borders.

3. I will market smarter, not harder.

One of the easiest traps for any marketing initiative to snare any business is the habit of committing "random acts of marketing." One of the best ways to avoid this is by building a marketing tactic calendar and seeing it through with consistent, frequent communication with clients and prospects. Tools like the Advisor Briefcase® marketing communications tool from Advicent makes the scheduling and distribution of emails to multiple clients or prospects simple and habit-forming.

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