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April 9, 2021 by Anthony Stich

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We at Advicent are excited to be sponsoring today's episode of the Animal Spirits podcast hosted by Michael Batnick and Ben Carlson. For the listeners that may not be familiar with Advicent, we are the provider of NaviPlan – an industry-leading financial planning solution trusted by over 140,000 financial professionals across over 3,000 firms worldwide. This includes four of the top five custodians, 15 of the top 25 broker-dealers, seven of the top 10 North American banks, and seven of the top 10 North American insurance firms.

This episode is a listener mailbag edition where Michael and Ben address questions on everything from personal finance to real estate and investments. Like my colleague Tom earlier in the year, I had the pleasure of joining Michael and Ben to discuss some of these topics which are listed below with timestamps.

33:18 – When is the right time to introduce your kids to investing and personal finance?

37:43 – Should you reduce 401k contributions to put more into HSA savings?

Thanks to Michael and Ben for having me on the show! For more information on how NaviPlan helps advisors serve the needs of their clients, click here.

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