Email marketing best practices for small and mid-size firms

November 18, 2016 by Andy Penkalski

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Andy Penkalski

Director, marketing

Andy oversees the breadth of go-to-market initiatives for Advicent, including product marketing, lead generation, public relations, and partner learning and development. He is interested in always discovering new tools for brands and businesses to more effectively reach their audience and improve metrics for success within their own organization.

While experiences with their own inboxes may leave independent and mid-size advisory firms feeling otherwise, email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing tactics when it comes to return on investment.

While social media can often seem comparably simple and low-cost, the average value of email deliveries continue to track at three times the rate of social media platforms. And unlike social media, where engagement can be more of an art, the ROI of email marketing is a bit more bound to a scientific process. With email automation tools becoming an affordable standard—not just for large organizations but small businesses—it is worth discussing some of these established best practices.

Know your prospect

Demographic and firmographic information on prospective customers may be the hardest data point to maintain and update for any organization, but it is invaluable to the success of email marketing. Filling in these knowledge gaps for prospective customers allows any email marketing initiative to speak more effectively to their actual needs and desires. The advent of data mining has made lead generation services more affordable than ever. With professional online networks being similarly penetrable, developing an effective and researched prospect database is an achievable goal for any business.

Commit to one desired outcome

Similarly, knowing your prospect allows you to more effectively build your marketing tactics around a desired outcome. While e-commerce sites may see success discussing several products in a single email, service-oriented business tend to see greater success by directing their prospects toward a single call-to-action, a strategy that marketing automation leader HubSpot regularly mentions. A glut of content or offerings in any single marketing communication tends to dilute the engagement across all options presented.

Make it mobile first

With mobile usage buoying email's ROI success in recent years, it is important to test and build content around this mobile-first mindset. With some popular apps still lagging behind in HTML functionality, designing your digital content from mobile up ensures that your message is not being diminished when it is accessed via emerging channels.

Follow Einstein's rule in email marketing

The old mantra of "insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results" is gospel when it comes to digital marketing. With even Gmail™ webmail service offering simple ways to develop tracking and monitoring habits, small and mid-size businesses are armed with plenty of tools to constantly improve the relied-upon practices that grow their business.

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