Infographic | Handling the college debt crisis

September 1, 2016 by Katelyn Rattray

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Talking to clients and prospects about college debt

With more and more people completing higher education and taking on staggering amounts of college debt, Millennials are scrambling to find ways to pay off the education for which they worked so hard.

Some are taking on part-time jobs outside of their careers, while others have considered taking more drastic steps towards living debt-free. Thirty percent of Millennials in the United States are willing to sell an organ in order to pay off their student loans.

Download our free infographic to learn more about handing the college debt crisis and pass it along to clients.

Millennials have been an extremely hot topic in financial services. Many advisors are asking themselves how they will catch the attention of this younger generation, and assisting them in planning for or handling current college debt may be the perfect way to approach conversations with these clients and prospects.

Empowering Millennials to deal with college debt will be highly beneficial to their future financial lives. By showing clients the effect that college debt can have on other future goals, such as purchasing a home, getting married, or having children, can give them more motivation to pay off these loans as fast as possible.

Despite the debt, college education remains a seemingly worthwhile personal investment for those who graduate. Advisors can help calm the storm of Millennials paying off their student loan debt. Do not let Millennial clients slip away. Talk to them about their student loan debts and give them the power to plan effectively for their future.

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