Infographic | Payment Services Directive 2 jargon cheat sheet

February 20, 2017 by Dorien van der Linden

about the author:

Dorien van der Linden

Senior Product Marketeer

Dorien heeft meer dan tien jaar ervaring binnen de financiële dienstverlening op het gebied van Product Marketing, Marketing en Sales.

Infographic | PSD2 cheat sheet

The FinTech industry is flooded with news and content that contain a lot of financial jargon. Much of this content does not come from “native” financial professionals but rather marketers, mathematicians, developers, and creatives that have brought something new to the table. As if it is not difficult enough to find your way through the jargon, news items regarding PSD2 tend to contain a great amount of abbreviations. Use this PSD2 cheat sheet to ensure you remain in-step with all PSD2 news.

Click here to download the free PSD2 cheat sheet and ensure that you and your clients understand all the jargon surrounding this regulation.

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