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September 7, 2016 by Martha Collins

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Martha Collins

Associate quality assurance analyst

Martha works in the development department testing Advicent products to ensure the software is user-friendly and error-free for its partners.

In August, our world came together around some incredible achievements by athletes worldwide. We saw the best-of-the-best compete to be named the best in the world. The success stories of these athletes can easily translate into lessons for the financial services industry.

What can financial advisors learn from world champion athletes?

Here are three lessons financial planners can learn from what happened in Rio last month:

1. Victory is in the details

To be the very best requires beating out the other elite athletes. In some events, such as gymnastics or track and field, the difference between medaling and not can be the difference of one point or one second.

Likewise, high quality financial planners are up against strong competition. With greater attention to detail in areas of networking, plan preparation, and client engagement, a successful financial planner has the chance to step forward beyond the competitors.

2. Quality resources make for quality performance

If you could see some of the facilities where these athletes train, it is no wonder how impressively they perform. We see small countries such as Jamaica dominate in track and field events because the country has invested in exceptional athletic training centers.

As a financial planner, you also have the ability to invest in quality resources to ensure your success. Advicent offers industry-leading software that allows you to streamline your workflows and increase productivity and results.

Additionally, we have seen Romania as a consistent gymnastic powerhouse throughout the decades. The U.S. gymnastics team has been recently coached by a Romanian gymnast, and now we have seen the most dominant women’s team in the world.

Similarly, your coaches and sponsors (account executives and partner support specialists) are experienced in the industry and easy to work with, as well as dedicated to ensuring the best experience for both you and your clients.

3. Innovation is great publicity

Breaking through barriers is a sure way to catch the eye of the industry. Simone Biles, for example, has a move named after her – something no one else is doing yet. Her competitors will now be incorporating the “Biles” into their routines in order to match the standards she has set.

Financial planners can take a step out by pursuing innovation. Advicent’s recent release of Narrator® Clients reflects our belief that “innovation is in our DNA.” Inviting your clients to be active participants in their professional financial planning process by using engaging technology is a big step forward in this ever-changing industry.

We hope to see your financial planning business at the top of the podium, and we would love to empower you to get there.

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