Providing confidence to clients and advisors is the key to their and your success

September 19, 2016 by Alex Glover

about the author:

Alex Glover

Associate quality assurance analyst

Alex started his career at Advicent after graduating with a degree in economics and a minor in business from UW-Milwaukee. He strives to ensure the highest quality of products for Advicent and continue to grow in the company, as well as the financial industry.

The economy is complicated and full of unexpected ups and downs, making financial planning more important than ever before. The ability to have a customized financial plan that incorporates all the goals of the client allows advisors to help mitigate the risk and shed light on the uncertainty of the clients’ financial future.

However, in 2015, the financial planner job market shrunk for the fifth straight year while the number of people using financial planners rose. Due to this drop in advisors, there is a competition to secure the clients that are now left without advisors. For a financial planner to be successful, they need to create some certainty in their clients’ uncertain financial future. The ability of the advisor to translate their confidence to their clients so that they can be confident in their plan is where our line of products comes in.

Advicent is leading the way in providing products that not only make the advisors more efficient but that also provide the tools to communicate financial confidence to their clients. Not every client will be savvy in the finance world, which makes it more difficult for them to be fully confident in the plan their advisor has made because they do not understand it.

NaviPlan®, our most robust planning software, offers features like the Narrator® Clients portal as well as the presentation module. Both of these features combine visual as well as numerical representations to guarantee that the client can see how close they are to successfully completing their financial goals. The capability to take a complex financial plan and present it in a way that is easily understood and presented sets advisors apart from their competitors.

We not only enable advisors to be confident through the features of our products, but we also provide confidence to the advisor through our company structure. We provide training for all of our products and a support line that allows advisors to call in with any questions or concerns they may have. Outside of our training and support team, there is a developmental team that is always working to update the asset allocation and taxes models within our software as the financial industry is constantly changing.

They also develop new upgrades to continue the goal of providing clear and understandable planning with the highest quality in the market. The confidence that we have in our products and services creates that confidence that trickles down to the advisor and to the client, allowing the client to feel the highest level of confidence about their uncertain financial future. 

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