Rapid client onboarding with Narrator Clients powered by NaviPlan

March 27, 2017 by Alex Peter

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Alex Peter

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Alex began his career at Advicent as a mid-market business development representative. He now divides his time between assisting his team and working with enterprise clients. Alex is passionate about FinTech and creating success for his team.

When we begin development of a new tool or functionality, we receive feedback from both prospects and our current users. Through our research process, we learned that there was an opportunity to facilitate a rapid client onboarding experience through our software. The reason behind this development is to provide a safe, secure interface for a client to update their information through a client portal.

Leveraging technology to add more value to the client-advisor relationship

In our digital world, it is critical for an advisor to gather the data they need in a timely fashion without having to constantly communicate back and forth with a client. Implementing digital tools to enter client data collaboratively into the process allows the advisor and client to get the most out of their time spent together. With Narrator® Clients powered by NaviPlan®, Advicent makes this enhanced collaborative experience possible.

Inside of our industry-leading client portal experience, we enable clients and advisors to log in to external accounts, aggregate that data into a central financial profile, upload any updates to the plan, and speed up the onboarding process.

In our research, we have discovered that this process adds value to three different groups:

  • Clients benefit from the safety and security of entering their information into the portal from the comfort of their own home, providing a simple and comfortable process. In turn, enabling the client and advisor to operate seamlessly from the first meeting.
  • Advisors benefit from more productive meetings with clients through the client portal by avoiding any frustration and wasted time of obtaining complete financial information from clients
  • Firms benefit from more efficient planning workflows, as well as more productive client-advisor meetings. Interactions that are more productive empower advisors to maximize efficiency while minimizing repetitive tasks.

By facilitating a rapid onboarding experience, clients will be able to enter their information quickly, easily, and securely. Advisors will spend less time on administrative tasks and more time focusing on productive tasks that ultimately increase revenue. Leveraging this technology is not only a way to improve efficiencies and increase revenue but provide higher value to the firm, advisor, and client.

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