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June 3, 2016 by Alex Peter

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Alex Peter

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Alex began his career at Advicent as a mid-market business development representative. He now divides his time between assisting his team and working with enterprise clients. Alex is passionate about FinTech and creating success for his team.

The Narrator® line is the newest in the Advicent product suite. Originally, Narrator was part of Figlo® and was originally labeled as Figlo Studio. For the purpose of conciseness, this article will focus on the different products in the Narrator line, as well as how they fit in the market. When Advicent first purchased Figlo, we saw a lot of potential in their application-building platform and immediately started utilizing it to build several different tools – Narrator Connect, Narrator Clients, and Narrator Advisor.

The Narrator name comes from the idea that these products work together to help tell each firm's story through the digital client experience. Narrator Clients and Narrator Advisor work hand-in-hand and are linked in terms of an advisor’s purchase and implementation. Narrator Connect is designed to provide utility to third-party partners that want to customize features, applications, or tools to meet their company-specific needs. The Narrator product line empowers firms with the capability of tailoring the planning experience for their advisors and clients while differentiating their business from the competition.

Narrator Connect

Narrator Connect utilizes APIs to provide access to our powerful back-end calculations to create custom applications. This enables our partners to develop unique web experiences and seamless integration between core technologies such as financial planning, CRM, and portfolio management. Narrator Connect allows third parties to build applications using the Advicent platform as a base. I’ve explained a little bit about how APIs work here. This platform has allowed us to develop several proof of concepts as well as the other items in the Narrator product line.

Narrator Clients

Narrator Clients is a fully integrated and interactive client portal powered by its Figlo® and NaviPlan® financial planning tools. Due to shifting client expectations, advisors today must be more of a holistic life coach and provide their clients convenience and 24/7 accessibility. This tool will empower advisors with an array of features that bolster the client-advisor experience, including streamlined document exchange, trusted account aggregation through Quovo®, actionable alerts, and real-time access to goals and current Personal Financial Management (PFM). Through this tool and our integration with Quovo®, this portal becomes the clients’ primary financial hub and enables the advisor to see held-away assets and allows them to easily contact their client to make adjustments to their plan when needed.

Narrator Advisor

Narrator Advisor is similar to Narrator Clients, but focuses more on the back-end that the advisor sees. The Narrator Advisor dashboard provides financial advice professionals with a way to efficiently manage their book of business and harbor analytics that can be used to identify sales opportunities. This dashboard enables advisors to save time and get a deeper dive into their book of business. Advisors also receive alerts through the interface when there is something that might alarm a client, such as when a client’s portfolio experiences an unexpected downturn. These types of notifications will allow advisors to proactively prepare for, and answer, questions that their clients might have; thus cementing them as their clients’ go-to resource for any financial questions they may have.

Narrator’s place in the market

These products all take up some unique spots in the market. For example, Narrator Connect can be used to remove barriers between a firm’s financial investment and insurance branches. Narrator Connect also excels in creating custom solutions for firms that want to provide a unique digital experience for their clients. By providing ease-of-use and enabling advisors to become more of a life coach for clients, Narrator Clients allows advisors and firms to generate client stickiness. By using Narrator Advisor, firms are able to have their own back-end for monitoring their clients’ goals and progress, as well as seeing held-away assets, which makes it much easier for clients and advisors to collaborate to accomplish the client’s planning goals. The Narrator product line takes the best of what we have seen in other industries and brings it to the financial advisor’s tool belt to create an unbeatable strategy to increase retention and revenue, as well as attract more clients.

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