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July 11, 2016 by Katelyn Rattray

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Keep up with rising client expectations

The digital movement of financial technology is disrupting the current market in more ways than imagined. Applications can scale and touch millions of users overnight. This is creating a demand in the market to push their interactions with clients and prospects to leverage technology like never before. The DOL rule also creates a need for advisors to provide sound advice with data to back it up.

In this digital world, clients are demanding constant, convenient access to information. Keep up with these rising expectations and deepen the client-advisor relationship by providing clients constant access to personal financial management and account aggregation, as well as a clear view of their goal progress and financial future. With the Narrator® Clients portal, you can empower your clients with real-time information while leveraging technology to deepen relationships and promote efficiency. [Continued below]

Narrator Clients from Advicent

This new interactive client portal from Advicent offers advisors and their clients insight into their personal financial plan anytime, anywhere with transparency and security. The Narrator Clients portal seamlessly and proactively connects advisors to their clients throughout the client journey, with 24/7 accessibility and actionable analytics.

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